History – Lords of Graal (LOG)

History of Lords of Graal (LOG)
LOG is a military-guild

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Guild Information

Guild Tag LOG
Guild Full Name LOG
Established Time 2000-11-01 10:11:43
Members Count 81
Guild Status Active

Guild Charter

LOG (Lords of Graal) is a guild, or group of people with similar interests, who congress when playing Graal. LOG is an anti-PK guild and try their best to help their fellow players.

Members have a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and nationalities. LOG accepts all Graal players who are willing to follow our rules and is always looking for new recruits.

LOG was founded on July 7th of 2000 by its two leaders, Imperator and The General, and is now run by Sharki.

LOG boasts a complex military ranking and organization system and several departments and agencies, which handle different issues in LOG separately for maximum effeciency. Some departments hold monthly competitions and various events, offer help to people new to Graal, handle membership-related paperwork, etc.

Preferred Worlds All

Contact Information

Website Address http://www.lograal.tk
Public Email sharkiaugustus@gmx.net





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