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Graalians Discord Server Information

Graal Discord Server

Graalians Discord Server is a community of people who play the game GraalOnline.
These community members who play graal come from multiple graal servers like
Era, Zodiac, iClassic, iZone, O’l West, iEra, Graal Kingdoms, TestBed, Valk and some from private servers. The idea of this community is to help allow players to communicate and ask for help from the graal community without being shutdown or warned by global admins. The server is also just to have fun and to build relationships with other fellow graal players.

Server Stats as of 7-6-2019
Server Created – Created 04/03/2017
Total Roles – 111
Members -1076 members, 24 bots, 1052 humans
Total Channels
135 total channels:
10 categories
124 text, 1 voice


Graalians Discord Server Rules


Below is a list of our server’s rules, numbered for easy reference

1. No harassment, hate speech, racism, sexist, ableism, etc. You may be banned immediately and without warning or recourse.
2. No gold or account selling hacks/dupes/CROSS-SERVER TRADING, USDING, these posts will result in an immediate ban. No account trading either.
3. No trolling/griefing/flaming/blatant trashing of servers for whatever reason. Opinions and freedom of speech are respected, toxic behavior is not.
4. Do NOT post/share personal/private information about others, be it players, server owners, Gamemasters, or anyone else.
5. Do not post anything that is NSFW in any channel. Only in unstick-me-nsfw
6. Don’t advertise your bot, post your gofundme (or similar) links or spam your discord invites.
7. If an Administrator or a Moderator asks you to stop doing something then stop doing that thing.
8. Do not spam anyone with mentions.
9. Use your common sense.
10. Don’t post things like spoilers, or how to find illegal downloads, or anything else illicit.
11. Don’t do things that are cruel just to be funny.
12. Do not stir up drama. If there is a conflict, work to defuse it instead of making it worse.
13. Any behavior that is contrary to these rules is grounds for a mute or a kick at the discretion of the moderator who deals with it.
14. We encourage open discussion of Gaming & Graal Online, but naming or linking to any exploits, gold/currency selling sites or bot programs is not allowed in any of the chats.
15. No advertising other gaming sites/discord servers (Permission must be requested from Discord Channel Administrator) this is a auto ban if permission is not requested
16. All of Discord Terms of Service apply to this server.
More details are available at

Graalians Discord Server Commands


We recommend to use these commands in the #Media-Spam channel
Mee6 Command’s – Server Control Bot
!rimg Random Graal Screenshot
!noob Funny noob images.
!noob1 Funny noob images.
!noob2 Funny noob images.
!noob3 Funny noob images.
!templates Graal Online GFX Templates.
!toxic Access to the NSFW channel.
!female State you are a female.
!male State you are a male.
!members List how many members are currently in the server.
!graalprofile Graal Profile tricks tutorial.
!graalnews Receive notifications when graal news is posted.
!modapplication Moderator Application for Graalians Discord Server.
!allroles Get all the Graalians Discord Server Roles.
!resetroles Remove all roles from your account other than the Graalians Role.

Rytmh Bot (JelLyFiSh688 ($play) – Music Bot
You must join the Global Voice Chat channel before using any of these commands.

$play – Plays a song with the given name or url.
$disconnect – Disconnect the bot from the voice channel it is in.
$np – Shows what song the bot is currently playing.
$ping – Checks the bot’s response time to Discord.
$skip – Skips the currently playing song.
$seek – Seeks to a certain point in the current track.
$soundcloud – Searches soundcloud for a song
$remove – Removes a certain entry from the queue.
$loopqueue – Loops the whole queue.
$search – Searches YouTube for results of a URL.
$stats – Shows the stats of the bot.
$loop – Loop the currently playing song.
$shard – Checks the shard you are on.
$join – Summons the bot to your voice channel.
$lyrics – Gets the lyrics of the current playing song
$resume – Resume paused music.
$move – Moves a certain song to the first position in the queue or to a chosen position
$forward – Forwards by a certain amount in the current track.
$skipto – Skips to a certain position in the queue.
$clear – Clears the queue.
$replay – Reset the progress of the current song
$clean – Deletes the bot’s messages and commands.
$pause – Pauses the currently playing track.
$removedupes – Removes duplicate songs from the queue.
$volume – Check or change the current volume.
$rewind – Rewinds by a certain amount in the current track.
$playtop – Like the play command, but queues from the top.
$playskip – Adds a song to the top of the queue then skips to it.
$shuffle – Shuffles the queue.
$queue – -View the queue. To view different pages, type the command with the specified page number after it (queue 2).

$leavecleanup – Removes absent user’s songs from the Queue.

Pokécord -Discord Bot for catching Pokemon
Use only the #Pokécord Discord Channel

If you need more information about a specific command, type -help <command>.
Display your selected pokémon’s information.
Select a different pokémon.
Catch a wild pokémon when it appears in chat.
Access your pokédex, browse caught pokémon and get credit rewards for catches!
Shows your current completion of your pokémon collection.
See your progression on current Pokécord challenges.
Get a hint to help you guess the wild pokémon’s name.
Give your pokémon a nickname.
Battle another user.
Display your pokémon’s moves and movepool.
Teach your pokémon a move.
Mega evolve your pokémon.
Release pokémon back into the wild. (Confirmation Needed)
Display a list of the pokémon you own.
Display a list of your favourite pokémon you own.
Add a pokémon to your list of favourites.
Remove a pokémon from your list of favourites.
Drop the item your pokémon is currently holding.
Give the item your pokémon is currently holding to another of your pokémon.
Display your active XP booster.

Graalians Discord Server Staff


Discord Server Administrators

Rice2k – Owner of Graalians Discord Server.
Leo Zeldak (OverLord) – Very active and trusted graal player.
Berkly (berkley) – Very active and trusted graal player.
Spartney (HarDKoRe) – Trust long term graal player from UN.
Kaz210 (kaz210)  – Monitors the Admins and Moderators of the server.
CoolDakkDragon (Mez) – Trust long term friend.
Mike – Co – Owner of Server.
Sky (Sky) – Trust long term friend.
Monksta06 (Turtle) – Trusted Graal Player.

Discord Server Moderators

Halvon (Halvon) – Part time mod.
ISneak (iSneak) – Part time mod.
Amber (Amber) – Long term graal player from UN.
TomChill (TOmchill) – Long term graal players from the family guild chill and UN player.
Kubo Skotos (Kubo Skoto) – Part time  mod when not in school.
Misty (Misty) –  Full time mod.
Nuno (Nunno) – Mod and server developer.
kkayy (Playr) – Part time mode when not in school.
sonicblue96 (sonicblue96)- Full time mod.
AmericanChaos (Chaos) – Oldbie graal player from guild LOG.
CupRamen (CupRamenà) – a Special old graal player with special needs.
Pears (Pears) – Active graalians discord member & trusted by the community.


Graalians Discord Server Voice Chat Meet Up


We meet up on every Saturday from 1PM EST – 6PM EST


Graalians Discord Server Partnerships


Unholy Nation Discord –
Graal Kingdoms Discord –
Graalians Discord –
The Flames Guild –
Graal Anime Community –
Era Discord Server –
Zodiac Discord Server –
Trulion Online –

Post your graal discord server here



Graalians Discord Server Websites


:twitch: Twitch –
:instagram: Instagram –
:twitter: Twitter –
:redditlogo: Reddit –
:pinterestlogo: Pinterest –
:facebook: FaceBook –
:youtube: YouTube –
Be sure to like, follow, and share the links above so we can help grow our Graalians community.

Graalians Discord Server Admin / Moderator Commands


!ban @UserName AddReasonHere
!kick @UserName ReasonHere
!clear NumberOfLinesOnChannel
!warn @UserName Reason
!infractions @UserName
!tempban [member] [duration]

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