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What is Discord?graalians_discord_cool.jpgDiscord is an application that is accessible on both phones (IOS and Android) and computer. It’s a community hub where players connect and chat while sharing stuff through text and voice. There are 5 different chat groups to use currently (Lobby, Era, Classic, West and Zone) Giveaways and Events may be hosted through this few channels. So it’s definitely worth it to join in the fun in the Discord Chat.

How do I join?

You can click this link to join

Where can I find out more about Discord?

You can find out more at www.discordapp.com

Do I need to download anything to run the application
Downloading the client is optional. You can still use voice chat and most of the features in the browser version, but if you want things like push to talk, you’ll have to grab the client.
Client Link : https://discordapp.com/apps

TIP: Use your Graalian name or your IGN as a username

Tempest of time 2001 Graal Server

Graal Tempest of time Server Story

The age is medieval and everything is peaceful…or so you think.
Thousands of years into the future a national terrorist group called The Dark Syndicate
has gone back in time to wipe out the kingdom when it wasn’t a threat to
world power, supplying your enemies with weapons of mass destruction.
The future government has sent in their best agents to help control
the situation.

Your role in the game is to get along in life and maybe…. just maybe have a hand in saving the free world as we know it.

Graal Tempest of time Server Staff

GodSpeed – Creator, Project Coordinator and everything else except music.
Stonie – Senior GP and level designer
Er1c – NPC Scripting and level designer
Falados – NPC Scripting, gani design and nachos!
Gonmon – Music and graphics.
Kaimetsu – NPC Scripting and geometric systems.
Mog – Graphics and level designer.
Sym – Level and quest designer
Deetto – Level designer
Dozer – Level designer plus he makes the BEST Gomy soup!
PrinceFang – Level designer
Sean – Level designer
Shujin – Level designer
Zach – lead Plot & RP developer
Valen – Gani artist and level designer
Minus – RP developer and level designer
Krakken – Webmaster and Plot & RP developer RP Master
Shadrock – Level Designer, Graphics artist, and Gani artist
Beowulf – Graphics artist and NPC Scripting
Shrimp Okonomiyaki – Level Designer and NPC Scripting
ZeroFx – Level Designer
Kyle – RP Development and Killing Kenny!
TB3 – Quality Assurance and Graphics artist
Special thanks goes to:
Stefan Knorr – for creating the game!
Unixmad – for keeping the game running smoothly online!
Mr. Bear – Being there, being a bear and being oh so wuvable! =D

Server Map

To find more information on the server you can check out this link
Tempest of Time Website