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Graal Kingdoms Crescent Pirates

Crescent Pirates



Home to a marauding crew of scurvy pirates!
Pirates are free-spirited individuals who enjoy working together, but have a tendency to lash out against authority from time to time.

Joining Requirements

Pirate Navy 

CP Pirate Ship with Captain Alan

Admiral By appointment only
Vice-Admiral By appointment only
Captain By appointment only
First Mate (Top 3 Skills total – 60)
Officer (Top 3 Skills total – 50)
Swashbuckler (Top 3 Skills total – 40)
Buccaneer (Top 3 Skills total – 35)
Master Gunner (Top 3 Skills total – 30)
Gunner (Top 3 Skills total – 25)
Sailor (Top 3 Skills total – 12)
Pirate (Level 10)


Pirate Army 

Pirate Army

Swordmaster (Physique level – 40 -Challenge Current for rank)
Blood Raider (Physique level – 40 -Ask Governor for details)
Swordsman (Physique level – 20) Warrior (Top 3 Skills total – 20)
Brigand (Top 3 Skills total -15)

Crescent Pirates – Towns:

Crescent Pirates Towns on CP  Island

Rum Town
Undertow Isle
Governor’s Mansion


Ghost Ship
Treasure Trove
Pirate Dungeon

Military Ranks


Blood Raiders

The Blood Raiders act as body guards to the leaders of the Crescent Pirates while ruthlessly rooting out and eliminating any threat to the kingdom.. The Blood Raiders specialize in making enemies vanish without a trace and killing foes without a mark. This small group of warriors are trained in many aspects including melee combat, archery, Alchemistry, wizardry and Religious arts, mind manipulation, battle field tactics, use of plagues and poisons, impersonation and disguises, sailing and naval warfare, silent movement and breaking into enemy territory, and escape and concealment.
The Blood Raiders are a small group committed to the protection of the kingdom inside and out. They are ready to serve the kingdom from doing a mission into enemy territory to guarding royalty in their voyages.
The Blood Raiders follow the battle field tactic of causing chaos in the enemy ranks. This is done by poison, plagues, magic and out right blood frenzies. Thus how they got their name. They also use traps and ambushes for assassination and also use potions that would cause great pain on its victims.

CP History


The Crescent Pirates, or Pirate Crew as it was called, was founded in Graal Online in 2001 by Ghost Pirate

Past Leadership

Years Active Governor Governess
2002 Girum Rivclaw None
2003 Jagen None
2003 Nathaniel North None
2003 Girum Rivclaw None
2003 Valder Tifa
2003 – 2004 Raghnro Diomora None
2004 Valder None
2005 Gantec Thorn None
2005 Kerith Steele Alisa Steele
2005 – 2007 Alan Steele Alisa Steele
2007 Yann Steele None
2007 – 2008 Felix Lionheart None
2008 Paul Cypher Arri Steele
2008 – 2009 Christopher Wood Arri Steele
2009 – 2010 Naithaniel Lionheart None
2009 – 2010 Cell Chill None
2010 Iscariot Steele None
2010 Romain Steele Kaly Steele
2010 Felix Lionheart None
2010 Romain Steele Kaly Steele
2010 Yann Steele None
2010 – 2011 Becan None
2011 Felix Lionheart None
2011 Johnathan Aldroth None
2011 – 2012 Chris Vimes None
2012 – 2013 Zeltino Steele SoapyBubbles
2013 Rogue Steele None
2014 – 2016 FBI None
2016 Kraak Rose
2016 None Alisa Steele
2017 Kilik Victrix None



CP Member Rules

Main Rules

-No foul language on tag

-Do not harass or be racist even off tag

-No KSing or PKing on tag

-No scamming or stealing (except boats) even off tag

-No short hand on tag (eg. k, ur, thx, nty, plz ect)

-Help other Pirates when requested by a leader

-You should act in a respectable manner while on tag

-Participate in kingdom events when on tag

-Say Ahoy mates when joining on tag and Farewell mates when leaving

-Respect ranks above yours

-You must Role Play when on tag

-You must use a full Role Playing name when on tag (first and second name)

-Do not spoil or make fun of other pirates Role Playing

-Don’t trade pirate items out of the kingdom.

If a pirate has broke any of the rules above please the current Governor or Commander of CP so he/she in question can be dealt with.

Shipyard Rules


Crescent Pirates Ship

-Don’t take boats from the harbor that belong to someone and have a unique name (such as Válentine, Nightmare Wind, etc.)

-You may take boats with a generic CP name such as CP Navy or Bilge Rat.

-Always close the harbor gate behind you.

-Park boats in the coves not in front of the gates.

Note: Members who can’t manage to do this will lose their harbor privileges.

House Ruleshouses_pirates4.png



When Building a House:
-To be approved you must have ALL your supplies to show your approver.

-do not leave your house unfinished for extended periods of time.

-If you are not a member of CP you must pay an additional fee for building to the approver of either an EA or 10 diamonds.

-House flag on Islands around CP HAVE to be approved by a Governor.

After Building/Rules:

After Building/Rules:
-Do not give your keys to people you don’t completely trust. CP is not responsible for house robbery.

-If you are leaving for a long time make sure a friend keeps your house up while your gone.

-If you are not in CP you may not live outside the non CP member area under Pirton.

-If you are quiting CP or for any reason you dont want your house try to auction or give it to someone in CP/a friend.

Important Links

Pirate Ranks System = http://wiki.graal.net/index.php/Worlds/Graal_Kingdoms/Crescent_Pirates/Ranks
Pirate Role Playing Slang Handbook – http://forums.graalonline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=59557
Iscariot – CP old website – https://web.archive.org/web/20100119043405/http://www.freewebs.com/crescentpirates/

Pirate Songs