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Graal Classic Heads – Page 1

Graal Classic Heads Male/Female

Here are a few heads that you can upload to iClassic!
or you can  customize  them yourself.


Please note I did not make these. These heads have been made by players of the Community. I take no ownership to them.

History – Lords of Graal (LOG)

History of Lords of Graal (LOG)
LOG is a military-guild

Under Construction 

Guild Information

Guild Tag LOG
Guild Full Name LOG
Established Time 2000-11-01 10:11:43
Members Count 81
Guild Status Active

Guild Charter

LOG (Lords of Graal) is a guild, or group of people with similar interests, who congress when playing Graal. LOG is an anti-PK guild and try their best to help their fellow players.

Members have a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and nationalities. LOG accepts all Graal players who are willing to follow our rules and is always looking for new recruits.

LOG was founded on July 7th of 2000 by its two leaders, Imperator and The General, and is now run by Sharki.

LOG boasts a complex military ranking and organization system and several departments and agencies, which handle different issues in LOG separately for maximum effeciency. Some departments hold monthly competitions and various events, offer help to people new to Graal, handle membership-related paperwork, etc.

Preferred Worlds All

Contact Information

Website Address
Public Email





Member List




LOG Guild  Link

The History of Zormite – Zorbis of Graal Kingdom’s

An exotic kingdom inhabited by many different creatures,
including fish-folk known as Zorbi. zorbi_1
Zormite was once under attack by an invading kingdom known as Bel’la Olplyn, but managed to destroy it.

zorbi_2Joining Requirements

Recruitment Guidelines, The Zormite Republic:

For the recruiter:

Who you recruit, you are responsible for. It is up to you to oversee that person’s training and orientation into Zormite society.
When our Immigration dept is more developed perhaps a training period can be provided by Noblemen and Noblewomen.
For now, the rules for recruiters shall be as follows:


1. There should be no more than 10 immigrants listed on the member roster at any given time. If we have 10, we’re full.
2. Always check the blacklist before recruiting any new member. Is your blacklist up to date? Be sure to ask!
3. Do not add players to Zormite just to get into BMode, or for short periods of time for any reason.
zorbi_2ROLEPLAY REQUIREMENTS bomyisland_icon_morphpotion-zormiteteal

4. Potential immigrants must RP their request for entry into Zormite. You must be on tag and give them an on screen RP test.
Feel free to involve other Zormites in this process. It could take as long or as little time as you need.

The potential member must have a proper RP name when making his request.
Once the RP test is complete, you should be satisfied that this person has a good basic
knowledge of RPing in a kingdom or explain that he is not yet ready to proceed and tell him why.


5. Before you apply an immigrant tag, your recruit must RP pledge allegiance to both the Zormite Replubic and her Dictatress.
He/she must also know that cussing, scamming, kill or kill drop stealing and map jumping are intolerable actions and will result in a member’s removal from Zormite.

Your recruit should also have a basic understanding of the RP of Zormite.
That it is a peaceful kingdom steeped in watery history and traditions. That our people are not war-like.
That we are allied with Dustari and friends to the people of Kurenai Joukai.
We are respecters of all kingdoms and a Zormitian never aggressors first. Yet we defend honor and justice and will fight when necessary.


6. PKing is a part of Kingdoms. It is acceptable for OOC Zormites to PK other OOC players – off tag, toward off tag players.
If a player leaves kingdom to PK players FOR ANY REASON, he will not be re-added.
During RP it is only acceptable to PK (or fight) other players during war or in duel arenas.
If you are attacked while on tag, you have kingdom permission to defend yourself unto the death of your opponent or until you reach safety.
Do not prolong these on tag situations. Go off tag for PKing.


7. Do not add players who are high level newbs unless you know who they are. (example: level 20 with 4 hours)
These players are sometimes considered an RP threat.
8. At this time, there is no need to mass announce that Zormite is recruiting.
All requests should come from the potential new member, or, you can attempt to recruit someone you feel would be an asset to the Republic.

zorbi_2For the Recruit: 100px-Zorbi_queen

1. You must have 60 hours and be level 6 before submitting an RP request for entry into Zormite.
2. Only ‘In Character’ requests will be recognized and replied to.
3. It is suggested you read the Zormite forum regularly and have read the stickied threads.
4. Once you are a citizen of Zormite the following actions are illegal according to Zormite law:

Saying /leave kingdom
stealing kills
stealing kill drops
jumping maps uninvited
scamming or assisting in scamming
cursing/obscene language
aggressive or war-like actions or language

If you encounter problems on the game, you should contact a kingdom leader or Graal Kingdoms Staff.

5. At this time it is prohibited to join Zormite while belonging to any global guilds which threaten kingdoms.
6. You will remain on immigrant status for a minimum of 12 hours online playing time.
After this period, it will be considered that you first become a Civilian, then ultimately, a Citizen of Zormite.
Upon further promotion, citizens may be invited to join a ministry for more in-depth role-playing opportunities.



Zerako Labs


Sunken Palace
Poisoned Reservoir
Zormite Dungeon




30px-Zoraas Zorbi is an aquatic, fishlike species that is been a staple of Graal for years. Originally a classic race noted for their matriarchy, underwater dominion, and usage of heads like head10 and head35 – it’s been long since bastardized into an excuse to wear a blue head and idle in the water to avoid pk. While the name ‘zorbi’ applies to the race as a whole, it can also specifically refer to the female. Male zorbi are called ‘zorba’. All zorba are zorbi, but not all zorbi are zorba.

Zorbi eventually evolved into what is the c̶u̶r̶r̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶i̶n̶c̶a̶r̶n̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ Zormite Republic on Graal Kingdoms, until it fell off the radar and became lost in the annals of history, recalled only by the few who still remained interested it, and the even fewer who opted to represent it.

zorbi_2Zormite Kingdom First Weapon

Image Item Name Original stats Weapon Story
30px-Mud_zblade zormite blade (Dam+9) 20.5 kg
This weapon is made with a special metal only found in the Zormite Kingdom.
Its people have kept the origins of this metal secret for many centuries because it seems to be imbued by the presence of an ancient Zormite prince.
This prince was destroyed during a battle to defend his homeland against the evil hordes of a nameless god who has been forgotten to time.
The princes spirit incarnates this sacred metal forever, seeking vengeance on this evil god which it will never again meet.


zorbi_2Most known Zorbi/Zormite Player

kia345 (Pojo)   –
Discord ID – @<fish emoji>#3976
Graal Forums Profile –

Zorbi Banner

zorbi_2Past Leadership

Years Active Emperor Empress
unknown Aki None
2002 Wren None
2003 AlaricoMontario None
2003 None Calani
2003-2004 None Wren Sagesun Archigos (darkemporor)
2004 -2005 Wren Akira Sagesun Archigos
2005 cwc money None
2005 FBI None
2006 None Karri (Achtung)
2008 Fenix Valthonis None
2013 Zoe None
2013 Sky None
2010 BigBear None
2014 DripZ None
2014 Scriptless None
2014 – 2015 Mirar None
2015 – 2017 Zulway None

zorbi_2Zormite WebsitesNoobsig_28

Mirar Website –
Zormite Religion –
Zorbi Guild –
Zormite Leaders –
Zormite old history –
Googi – Zormite Republican Bank of Awesome –



Most of the Zormite images you see where made by Pojo

Graal Kingdom’s Story

Graal Kingdoms Story



Peaceful Life

Life in the Graalian world was peaceful. People built towns, and mined the land of its riches. Farmers planted happily, making sure to water their plants for the upcoming Sylvester. Merchants sold goods in the streets, as men on horseback patrolled the area for thieves. The people enjoyed the warmth of the day, as the Bomy Moons approached. The world seemed to be in perfect balance.

Preparing for Danger

The world was unprepared for what was about to happen. Sightings of a large meteor were taking place all over the land. Scholars revealed that it wasn’t a meteor, but a moon. For many years, the Suns of the Bomy planet had passed near the land. Sometimes, the Suns would pass right over one another. Causing a Sylvester, that heated the Graalian world with bright red intensity. However, something had went wrong. The Bomy Moon became disaligned from the planet, and was hurdling towards the peaceful world of Graal.

All the Graalians could do was prepare for the worst. The Moon crashed heavily into the sea, causing massive tidal waves to wash over the land. It appeared that the damage had been done… but it was just beginning…

Worldly Changes

The impact of the Moon caused devastating underground destruction. Underwater volcanoes became active from the intense earthquake, causing islands to emerge from the sea. Lava became hard as stone quickly after being engulfed in water. Clouds of ash arose from the water and into the sky. The tidal waves began to subside, and the half-submerged Moon could be seen in the middle of the land.

Unwelcome Visitors

Approaching the Moon, Graalians witnessed what appeared to be movement on it’s surface. Bomies began to emerge from the craters. When the alien bomies looked around the land, they became enraged. They discovered that their own Bomy race, were being treated like Graalian pets. This caused anger in the alien bomies, and they immediately began to attack the Graalians. The people fought valiantly to save their home. After a long battle, it appeared that the alien bomies had been defeated.

Turn for the Worst

Knowing that they were outnumbered and beaten, the alien bomies enslaved the minds of the small creatures and plants on the land. Seemingly harmless plants and animals began attacking the Graalians. The people had no choice but to retreat. There was little hope left for them, as they quickly fled the island on ships from every shore. They left, knowing that they would return later, to retaliate this assualt. They sailed for what seemed like forever, until they finally found land… Final Hope
Five islands were discovered by the Graalian people as they approached the shores. The people decided to rebuild their lives on these new islands. They built towns and ports, houses and shops. Soon, they had decided to reclaim the land they had lost. Kingdoms were formed on each island, in an effort to prepare for the approaching battle. These Kingdoms became known as Dustari, Forest, Pirate, Samurai, and Zormite. Each kingdom built armies and castles in preparation for war. It appeared that hope was once again restored in the people of the new lands… Destiny Awaits
Time is running out… The alien bomies are also building up their civilization. The crashing of the moon has awakened evil deep within the world. It won’t be long before the evil spreads to take your land for its own. You must help reclaim the island that was once called home.

Graal Admin Commands

Graal Admin Commands




Game Admin Commands

Press “e” and left click to kill npc

/setrace <account name> <race>
/msgban <acct or comm name> 

restorehouse <housenumber>

warpto <x,y> <level name>

-Chat Commands
Staff Chat = /ssay Example: /ssay Hi World
Global Chat = /global Example: /global Hi everyone

EM – say :kick and then left click {“housereport”, “Creates and prints out a rapport of peoples house statues to RC.”},
{“searchip <ip>”, “Search for online players with the ip you entered.”},
{“lastseen <account>”, “See when the account was last seen online.”},
{“checkvotes”, “Find which votes are in the top (default: 10) (if you want top3, do checkvotes 3).”},
{“findaccvotes <account>”, “Find out how many votes a specific player has.”},
{“find <account, communityname, pcid, ip>”, “Find players using the different ids.”},
{“(Admins Only).”},
{“setnick <account> <newnick>”, “Change nickname of a player.”},
{“setchat <account> <newchat>”, “Change chat of a player.”},
{“me <text>”, “irc-style /me emote”},
{“help”, “Shows this message.”}

Level Commands

Crypt Commands
-reset crypt

Events Staff Commands

Team Control Commands (Old Version)

addteam <teamname>
removeteam <teamid>
add <teamid> <account>
remove <account>
warpteam <teamid>
setwarp player <account>
setwarp <x> <y> <level>

Team Control Commands (New Version GUI)

Just say :tc

Events Commands

Game – Emoticons

  • :fix (Fix the guards)
  • :emote (Starts the random emoticon)
  • :loser (Kicks the loser)
  • :nr (New round)
  • :reset (Reset the game – You need to use it when the game is over)
  • :finish (Kicks everyone)

How to play: Type the letter of the Giant’s emoticon. Last one to do it is out.

Game – Find the Santa

  • :start (Starts the game)
  • :reset (Resets the game)

How to play: When it starts you need to grab the right Santa. If you dont find it when the time is over you are out.
If you touch the green elf you’ll be warped to the middle.

Game – Clock of Madness

  • start (Starts the game)
  • stop (Stops the game)
  • molest [player] (The player you have chosen to “molest” will spin around the clock)
  • speed # (Sets clock hand speed)

Event Admin Commands

  • clear # (Clears the npcs inside of Clock of Madness)
  • lolfun # (Add’s random npcs to Clock of Madness)

Server song set

Game – Even or Odd

  • Levelname: insideevent_cubewars.nw
  • :start (Starts the countdown)
  • :odd (Kicks the odd side)
  • :even (Kicks the even side)
  • :cube change

You must kick what the cube lands on.
Example: If the cube lands on 5 (an odd number) you kick odd.

Evil Chest Event

  • Levelname: Poi.png___Poi.png
  • :room help (Shows the help commands)
  • :enter (Places the EM in to the passage)
  • :exit (Removes the EM from the passage)
  • :open all (Opens all of the gates)
  • :open gate # (Opens the specified gate)
  • :close all (Closes all of the gates)
  • :close gate # (Closes the specified gate)
  • :lock gate # (Locks the gate in it’s current state)
  • :unlock gate # (Unlocks the gate from it’s frozen state)
  • :reset chests (Resets all of the chests)
  • :hide chests (Hides the chest)
  • :show chests (Shows the chests)
  • :check chests (Lists the chest owners in order of chest)

Game – Frogger

  • :start & :stop (Start and stop the event)
  • :block & :unblock (Blocks and unblocks the left side – This is for the players that didn’t complete the event)
  • :open & :close (Open and closes the right side – This is for the players who completed the event)

Game – Kart Race

  • :unblock
  • :block

Drop the prize onto the yellow box. When the NPC says “GO” unblock it.

Game – Labyrinth

  • :open
  • :close
  • :reset

Game – Lucky Altars

  • :givepoints #
  • :start (Starts the countdown. You can also click the NPC for it)

Game – Lucky Doors

  • :start
  • :stop
  • :reset

Game – Lucky Board

  • :start (Choose one player to grab the board)
  • :cl (Clear(Reset))
  • :nr (New Round)
  • :kick (Kicks the player)

Game – Pot Wars

  • :start (Starts the event)
  • :reset (Reset the event)
  • :lockqueue (Lock the PW queue)
  • :unlockqueue (Unlock the PW queue)

PotWars queue

  • :pw help (Show information for PW)
  • :pw queue (Join the PW queue)
  • :pw leave (Leave the PW queue)
  • :pw check (Check the players in PW queue)

Game – Pot Race

  • :track # (Tracks: 1-4)
  • :start
  • :reset
  • :kickall

Game – Raffle Trading Post

setamount – set the price of event coins for players to buy a ticket

greed – allow players to buy only one ticket
everyone dance – makes everyone dance in the Trading Post


  • :shgui

Modes (Nothing atm)
Start (Starts the event)
Reset (Reset the event)
Lock/Unlock Team (Players can’t switch team)
Random (Random add players to blue team or red team)

Game – Trivia

  • :trivia help
  • :trivia list
  • :trivia start [category] [limit]

Use ” * ” as [category] to include all categories in the game.

Trivia categories:

  • animals
    Questions: 33
  • arts
    Questions: 40
  • entertainment
    Questions: 97
  • games
    Questions: 16
  • geography
    Questions: 76
  • gk
    Questions: 92
  • history
    Questions: 114
  • life
    Questions: 75
  • mixed
    Questions: 77
  • movie
    Questions: 86
  • music
    Questions: 46
  • nature
    Questions: 35
  • other
    Questions: 36
  • science
    Questions: 51
  • special
    Questions: 34
  • sports
    Questions: 54

All Spars

  • :block
  • :unblock

Click on gate doors in spar to lock or to unlock

RC Commands

/npc find
/npc setchat
/npc setnick
/npc reconnectall
/npc activeplayers
/npc jail
/npc unjail
/npc housereports
/npc killmonsters

Fun Commands Wnpc


Dungeon Master Commands

add <amount> <archetype> <variable1> <value1>
addexp <skill name> <amount>
addrecipe <archetype> <suffix>
addskill Adds the specified skill
addspell Adds the specified spell
archfind Searches for the specified archetype
boss Old DM support
create <amount> <archetype> <variable1> <value1>

Graal Flute Songs

Graal Flute Songs




Star Wars

Star Wars: ^(^)>V<(>)(^)>v<(>)(^)>V><

Star Wars

Star Wars: ^,(s+^),>,v,<,(s+>),(s+^),>,v,<,(s+>),(s+^),>,v,>, <

Zelda Songs

Zelda’s Lulaby

Zelda’s Lulaby: (<)<>(<)<>(<)(>)(v)(^)>(^)(<)<^v<

Zelda Epona’ Song

Zelda Epona’ Song: > < ^ > < ^ > < ^ < ^

Song of Time

Song of Time: (s+<),<,>,(s+<),<,>,(s+<),(s+>),(s+v),(s+^),>,(s+^ ),(s+<),<,^,v,<

Stone Tower (Majora’s mask)

Stone Tower (Majora’s mask)

 s+<, d+<, s+<, d+<, s+<, d+<, d+v, s+<, d+<, s+<, d+<, s+<, d+<, d+^, (x2)
 s+d+^, s+d+v, s+d+<, d+>, s+d+^, s+d+v, s+d+<, d+>, d+<,
 s+d+^, s+d+v, 
 s+d+<, d+>, s+d+^, s+d+v, s+d+<, d+>, s+d+^,
 d+<, d+<, d+^, d+<, d+^, s+>, s+<,
 d+<, d+<, d+^, s+>, s+v, s+v, s+<,
 d+<, d+<, d+^, d+<, d+<, d+^, s+>, s+v,
 d+<, d+v, d+<, d+v, d+<, d+^, s+>,
 d+<, d+>, 
 s+d+v, s+d+<, d+<, d+<, d+>, s+d+v, s+d+< (x2)

Dragon Roost Island

Dragon Roost Island

 v, S+>, S+v, S+>, D+^, S+v, S+<, v, v, S+>, S+V, S+>, D+^, D+>, D+<, S+>,
 S+>, D+^, D+^,S+<, D+^, S+>, S+<, S+<, S+>, D+^, D+^, S+>, S+<.
 v, S+>, S+v, S+>, D+^, S+v, S+<, v, v, S+>, S+V, S+>, D+^, D+>, D+<, S+>,
 S+>, D+^, D+^,S+<, D+^, S+>, S+<, S+<, S+>, D+^, D+^, S+>, S+<.
 D+<, S+D+^, D+>, D+<, S+>, D+^, D+<, S+<, S+>, D+^, S+>, D+^,D+<
 D+<, S+D+^, D+>, D+<, S+>, D+^, D+<, S+<, S+>, D+^, S+>, D+^,S+<
 D+<, S+D+^, D+>, D+<, S+>, D+^, D+<, S+<, S+>, D+^, S+>, D+^,D+<
 D+<, S+D+^, D+>, D+<, S+>, D+^, D+<, S+<, S+>, D+^, S+>, D+^,S+<

Song of Storms

Song of Storms: ><(<)<>(<)(v)(>)(v)(>)(v)(^)v

Prelude of Light

Prelude of Light: (v)(^)(>)(^)(<)(>)

Sarias Short

Sarias: (v)(<)v(v)(<)v(v)(<)v<v

Saria’s Song Long

Saria’s Song:

 >, s+<, s+v, >, s+<, s+v, >, s+<, s+v, d+<, d+^,
 s+v, s+>, s+v, s+^, v, <, v, s+^, v,
 >, s+<, s+v, >, s+<, s+v, >, s+<, s+v, 
 d+<, d+^,
 s+v, s+>, d+<, s+v, s+^, s+v, s+^, <, v,
 <, v, >, 
 s+^, s+<, s+v, s+>, s+v, v,
 >, s+^, s+<, s+v, s+>, d+^, d+<, d+v, d+>,
 <, v, >, s+^, s+<, s+v, s+>, s+v, v,
 >, v, s+^, s+^, s+v, s+<, s+>, s+v, d+^, s+>, d+>

Epona’s Song

Epona’s Song

 (S+>) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+>) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+>) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+<) (S+Up) 
 (S+Up) > V > (S+<) (S+V) (S+>) (S+>) (S+>) (S+V) 

Demon God Debaglio Worshiping Shrine

Demon God Debaglio Worshiping Shrine: (^)(<)(>)(v)(>)(v)(>)(^)

Flute warp

Flute warp: <,>,(d+^),(s+>),(s+v),(s+<)

Hat Trade

Hat trade warp: v,(s+^),v,>,(s+^)

Flag Song’s

American Flag

American Flag: (s+^),v,^,v,(s+^),(s+>)

Canadian flag

Canadian flag: v,(s+^),(s+^),^,<,V,>,(s+^),(s+<),<


Airplane: ^,(s+^),(s+^),>,v,>,v,<,<,^,<,v,v,<,v,>,>,v,^,v,<


Rainbow: ^,(s+>),(s+v),(s+^),(s+<),(s+v),(s+>)

Birthday Song’s

Birthday Song 2

Birthday: ^,^,<,^,>,v,^,^,<,^,(s+^),>

Birthday Song #2

 Happy Birthday:
 Up Up < Up > V Up Up < Up (S+Up) > Up Up (S+>) (S+<) > > V < < < < > Up > 

Bacon Song

Bacon Song: (s+^),(s+<),(s+>),(s+<),(s+^),v,<,^,v,(s+^),(s+>)

Star Song

Star Song: ^,^,(s+^),(s+^),(s+<),(s+<),(s+^),>,>,v,v,<,<,^

The Flintstones Intro

The Flintstones Intro:

  s+^, ^, s+>, s+<, s+^, ^, s+^, >, v, v, >, s+^, ^, <, v, s+^, ^, s+>, 
  s+<, s+^, ^, s+^, >, v, v, >, s+^, ^, <, ^, s+v, v, s+>, s+v, s+v, s+<, 
  s+<, s+v, s+<, s+<, <, s+v, s+<, s+<, s+^, s+^, s+<, s+^, s+^,s+>, s+<, 
  s+^, ^, s+^, >, v, v, >, s+^, ^, <, v, v, s+^, ^, <, v, s+^, s+<, s+>, s+v, s+>

Lillium (Elfen Lied Theme)

Lillium (Elfen Lied Theme)

 s+< ,d+<,s+v,s+>,s+>,
 s+<, s+v,s+^,>,s+^,
 s+v,s+>, d+^,s+>,
 s+v,s+v  play  x2
 d+^,d+< ,d+>,d+V,d+^,d+<,

Life of a Drunken Sailor

 s+<, s+<, s+<, s+<, s+<, s+<, <, <, s+<, s+^, s+^,
 s+^, s+^, s+^, s+^, ^, ^, s+^, s+<, s+<, s+<, s+<, 
 s+<, d+<, d+v, s+>, s+<, s+^, >, v, >, <, <, <, < 

La Cucaracha

 ^,^,^, >, s+<, ^, ^, ^, > s+<, >, >, v, v, <, ^, ^,
 ^, ^, v s+^, ^, ^, ^, v, s+^, s+>, s+>, s+<, s+^, >, <, ^

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

 Up, Up, (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+<) (S+<) (S+Up) > > V V < < Up 
 (S+Up) (S+Up) > > V V < (S+Up) (S+Up) > > V V < Up Up 
 (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+<) (S+<) (S+Up) > > V V < < Up

Song of the Dead

 Up Up > Up > (S+<) Up > (S+<) Up > (S+<) Up > (S+<) > 
 (S+<) (S+>) (S+<) > (S+<) > Up > (S+<) (S+>)(S+<) > (S+<) > Up Up Up > 

Smoke of the Water

 < > (S+Up) < > (S+<) (S+Up) < > (S+Up) (S+Up) < > 

Old McDonald

  > > > Up < < Up (S+<) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+Up) > > > > Up < < Up (S+<) (S+<) 
 (S+Up) (S+Up) > Up Up > > > Up Up > > > > > > > > >Up < < Up (S+<) 
 (S+<) (S+Up) (S+Up) > Up Up > > > Up Up > > > > > > > > > > > > >
  > > > > > Up < < Up (S+<) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+Up) > 

Row Row Row Your Boat

 Up Up Up < V V < V > (S+Up) (S+>) (S+>) (S+>) (S+Up) (S+Up) 
 (S+Up) V V V Up Up Up (S+Up) > V < Up 

Life of a Drunken Sailor

 (S+<) (S+<) (S+<) (S+<) (S+<) (S+<) < < (S+<) (S+Up) (S+Up) 
 (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) Up Up (S+Up) (S+<) (S+<) (S+<) 
 (S+<) (S+<) (S+<) (S+V) (S+>) (S+<) (S+Up) > V > < < < < 

The Adam’s Family

 < V > Up V > Up < V > Up < V > Up < < V > Up Up > (S+<) (S+Up) 
 > V (S+Up) Up V (S+Up) > V < > Up > (S+<) (S+Up) > V (S+Up) > 
 V Up < V > Up < V > 

Marines’ Hymn

 V > (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+>) (S+Up) V > (S+Up) (S+Up) > 
 < Up V > (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+>) (S+Up) V > (S+Up) (S+Up) 
 > < Up (S+>) (S+V) (S+<) > (S+<) > (S+Up) (S+<) (S+Up) (S+>) (S+V) (S+<) > 
(S+<) (S+>) (S+Up) V > (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+Up) (S+>) (S+Up) V > 
(S+Up) (S+Up) (S+<) (S+V) (S+>) 


 Up < V (S+Up) V < Up V (S+Up) (S+<) (S+>) (S+V) (S+Up) V > V < Up 

Amazing Grace

 Up > (S+<) > (S+<) (S+Up) > < Up Up > (S+<) > (S+<) (S+Up) (S+>) 
 (S+<) (S+>) (S+<) (S+>) (S+<) > Up < > > < Up Up > (S+<) (S+Up) > 

Jurassic Park

 Up (S+Up) Up < (S+<) (S+<) (S+V) (S+>) (S+>) (S+V) (S+Up) (S+<) 
 (S+>) (S+V) (S+Up) (S+<) > (S+<) (S+V) (S+>) > > V Up > 

Jingle Bells

 V V V V V V V (Up) Up < V > > > > > V V V V V < < V < (Up)
 V V V V V V V (Up) Up < V > > > > > V V V V (Up) (Up) (<) (V) (>) 

Iron Man

 (S+<) (S+>) (S+>) (D+Up) (D+Up) (D+<) (D+Up) (D+<) (D+Up) (D+<) (D+Up) 
 (S+<) (S+<) (D+Up) (D+Up) 

Imperial March

 V V V Up (S+Up) V Up (S+Up) V (S+V) (S+V) (S+V) (S+>) (S+Up) V Up (S+Up) V

Fishing on Graal Kingdom’s

Fishing on Graal Kingdoms

Making a Fishing Rod

To catch fish you need to make a fishing reel and rod,
which you can do at Zehn Village in the north of Main island.
Items Required to make a Fishing Rod

Image Name of Item Required Materials
Mud fishingrod.png Fishing Pole 7x
Fishing Line
Fishing Hook
Fishing Reel 2x
Fishing Net 4x
Fishing Hat 5x10x


Catching Fish

Once you have your fishing pole, stand on the bank of some water where you see fish swimming,
wield the pole and press S for a target ring and S again to cast at the fish. When you see a fish get on the line, press S to reel it in.

After you get the fish in, you may have to whack it on the head with a club or sword until it’s dead and ready to eat.

Finding Fish

Many fish live only in certain areas around the Kingdoms Archipelago,
and do not migrate for fear of losing their habitats. You may be able to
find each of them in the following areas:
Samurai Island
Hotaru Island
Dustari Island
Pirate Island
Forest Island
Main Island River
Zormite Island
Main Island Coast
Primal Coast
Grigori Island
Samurai Lake

Locations to make Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod Crating Locations
West Bomboria – Main Island
Zehn Village – Main Island
Westford – Pirate Island

How to bait a Hook

Say /bait <itemname> to add bait to
your hook, or cast without.
Say /unbait to remove the bait.
Light, expensive food is the best
bait, but most fish are

frightened by too much food at once.
a mushroom is better bait thana T-Rex leg

Graphic Designer Links for Graal Players

Graphic Designer Links for Graal Players

These are listed alphabetically, more or less:

  • Ameri-Imager [ThinkTank Software] (Win32) – version 2.0(?) and later;
    read/write? commercial.  (This is an image and video editor with PNG
    and MNG support.)
  • Animai [SOGEN] (Win32) – all versions; read/write? uses
    libmng; freeware.  (This is a MNG-specific animation editor.)
  • Animation Shop [Jasc / Corel]
    (Win32) – version 1.0 and later; read/write/edit; conforms to
    (older) frozen version of MNG specification as of version 2.01, and
    almost conforms to MNG-LC 0.97 as of version 3.0; stores invalid TERM
    chunk in some cases; commercial.  (Animation Shop is [or was] bundled
    with Paint Shop Pro; AS 1.0 was included with PSP 5.0, AS 2.0
    with PSP 6.0, and AS 3.0 with PSP 7.0 and 8.0.  MNG is Animation Shop’s
    native format.  Version 3.0, released 21 September 2000, is claimed
    to conform to the current MNG-LC  specification.
    Unfortunately, it will try to read almost any MNG, no matter how
    complex, effectively destroying those it doesn’t fully understand [and
    violating the spec], and it creates invalid MNGs that don’t display
    correctly in some other MNG-supporting applications [see FixMNG
    on the converters page].  Also, it grabs the
    .mng file association without asking.)
  • eMNGma [Triple-T Software]
    (Win32) – all versions; read/write/edit; freeware(adware) /
    shareware.  (This is a MNG editor/`animation shop.’  Its interface is
    considerably more automated and easy to use than the manual editing
    facilities built into MNGeye below.  This product is no longer
    officially available
    , but the author may be contacted for further
    information, and the free/adware version [EMF200en.exe, 2,349,152 bytes]
    reportedly can be found on P2P networks via eMule.)
  • Giam [Tsuyoshi Furumizo ([size=+1]古溝 剛[/size])]
    (Win32) – version 1.20p and later; read/write; MNG-LC
    support (but attempts [and fails] to open and edit more complex MNG
    streams); uses libpng and zlib? freeware.  (This is a
    viewer and editor of multiple animation types.  here[/url],
    and an –] An automated English translation is available via Babelfish.)
  • GIMP
    (GNU Image
    Manipulation Program
    ) [ (Unix/GTK+, Win32, OS/2, [url=
    “]Mac OS X
    [/i]) – version 1.3.14 and later;
    write-only (MNG only,
    although a separate plug-in by exists in the GIMP
    plug-in registry
     and reportedly can read
    JNG images); full alpha support;
    requires libmnglibjpeglibpng and zlib;
    freeware (GPL) with source. (GIMP is a “free Photoshop-like
    image editor for X11” and other GUIs, with built-in PNG and MNG support.
    Note that there is also a GIMP Animation Package [a.k.a. GIMP-GAP] for doing

    frame-based animations.)

  • Gserver []  (Win32) –
    all versions; write-only; freeware.  (This is a
    remote-computing / remote-control application, somewhat similar to
    PC Anywhere.  It allows any PNG- or MNG-supporting web browser to view
    and control the Windows system running Gserver.  Single screenshots
    are made available as PNG images, and continuously updated views are
    sent as MNG streams.  Gserver is reported to be compatible with MSIE 4.x
    and 5.x with Jason Summers’ MNGPLG [below] and with Netscape
     [but not 6.0] natively.  This product is no longer
  • MNGEdit
    [Naoyuki Hirayama
    ([size=+1]平山 直之[/size])
    ] (Win32) – all
    versions; read/write; requires VAFX,
    updated VAXFMNGA (included on MNGEdit page in MNGTools.lzh),
    libpng and zlib; freeware with source.
    (This is a MNG editor that can create animations out of multiple PNGs,
    presumably conforming to the MNG-VLC or MNG-LC specification.  A
    viewer, MNGBrowser, is also included.  The code hasn’t been
    updated since early February 2000, so it may not fully conform to the
    current MNG spec; but since the C++ sources are provided, fixing any
    such problems should be simple.  See also Babelfish’s automated English translation.)
  • MNGeye
    ] (Win32) – all versions; read/write/edit as of
    August 1998; freeware with Pascal source.  (This is
    an image-viewer/editor for PNG and MNG, including
    JNG support in version 1.1 and later.
    Version 1.31 is current as of MNG Draft 69 [frozen].  See also
    eMNGma above.  This product is no longer available except via
    CVS at
    .  The author may be contacted for
    further information.)
    proposal for a
    MNG library API[/url]. –]
  • Photoshop [Adobe]
    (Win32) – version 7.0 and later with Tassilo Philipp’s JNG plug-in; read/write
    (JNG only); full 32-bit alpha
    support; commercial (but plug-in is freeware).
  • PNG/MNG Construction Set Professional
    [Alchemy Mindworks] (Win32) – all versions;
    read/write; full(?) alpha support; commercial.  (This tool, the PNG/MNG
    equivalent of GIF Construction Set above, can be used to add alpha
    transparency to PNG images as well as to create, modify, and optimize MNG
  • Video Toaster [NewTek]
    (Win32) – version [2] build 3480i and later; read-only?
    commercial.  (This product is no longer available.  This was a
    well-known video-editing application, originally written for the Amiga.)
  • WinImages [Black Belt Systems[/url]] (Win32) – version R6 and
    later; write-only; commercial.  (This is more of a special-effects and
    animation studio than a “normal” image editor.  Read support is likely
    to appear in a maintenance update.)

GraalOnline – Unholy Nation

GraalOnline – Unholy Nation

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Unholy Nation – Main




Unholy Nation was founded in June of 2001 by LiquidIce and AcidIce. Management was handed down to Dark Warlock in late 2002, early 2003.

Unholy Nation is also home to Questa and Treeman’s House, arguably the most updated player house in Graal’s history. The Manager in 2011 was Crono.