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Era – Sounds Team application

Era – Sounds Team application

This is a old application from when Chris Vimes was manager of Era PC Graal

Please complete the question below to the best of your ability! Answer in full sentences and include as much information you can for each question given. Please do NOT send multiple emails with several applications. If I find a duplicate of your email, the application will not be read and will be trashed. When you’re finished, send all applications to emera@graal.net. Please, don’t attach any work in a .zip file. Your zip file will not be viewed and your email will be deleted if all the required fields are not filled in. Copy and paste everything below this message into the email. You must have an active gold or classic subscription to apply. Please set the subject for your application email as “Era Sounds Team: <account>”
~ Emera (Sounds Admin)

What is your account name?

Do you have an active gold subscription or a classic account?

What is your most used in-game nickname?

Have you had any past experience with developing sounds/music for servers in the past? If so, please list them below.

Have you ever been banned on Era? If yes, for what reason?

Give a small paragraph about yourself, and why you would like to work for Era.