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Graalians Discord Server Site

Graal Discord Server

Welcome to the Graalians Discord Server Blogrice2k head


This word-press blog site is here to help you with your adventure on
GraalOnline on the following server’s (Zone, Graal Classic, O’l West, Delteria or Era)
or any of the PC server (Zodiac, Bomy island, Kingdoms, Era)

Graal Andor

Check Out our Graal Discord Server!

Русский Грааль Дисконд Сервер


Bomy’s and their History – Story Time

Bomy’s and their History (Story Time) “In the beginning…”- Bomys are an advanced creature that came upon this planet, was dumped here un-willingly, and abandoned. Most of the bomys died off, and few survived. The bomys mainly adapted to the harsh cold of Mt. Anatora due to the few number of Humans. The bomys that…

Lost World Graal Server History

Lost World Graal Server History The Lost Worlds graal server came out in 2000 by Lionheart (lionzidas) aka “Knight Lionheart” was the creator of the LostWorld server but only for a short peroid of time. Some how the FTP password got leaked out and someone log into the lost world server folder and delete the entire…

Endora Graal Server History

Endora Graal Server History Endora is a 2004 Graal Server that had a medieval theme for a Role-Playing server. It will have monsters to fight, levels to gain, armor to wear, weapons to shed blood with, events to enjoy, hats to wear, quest to conquer, dungeons to explore, and much more. The server was ran mainly…

Costa De Agua Graal Server History

Costa De Agua Graal Server History Coasta De Agua was originally created by Link in 2000. He asked Stefan for some space on GO, and Stefan said he would think about it after being shown some amazing levels. So that’s how we got here! We have tried many layouts. But they never succeeded until this…


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