Costa De Agua Graal Server History

Costa De Agua
Graal Server History

Coasta De Agua was originally created by Link in 2000. He asked Stefan for some space on GO, and Stefan said he would think about it after being shown some amazing levels. So that’s how we got here! We have tried many layouts. But they never succeeded until this one. Near the end of CDA time
Elrond who became a LAT started changing the left side of the map into more of a elf type scene and after that FTP got hacked and all the levels got deleted and surprisingly enough Elvens Land goes up to replace CDA.

Elrond was a staff member who stole some scripts and graphics from CDA for Elvens Land.jujmph12fxe31.jpg

Server Staff

Link (Founder / Manager)
Gohan (Co-Manager)
Phayze (LAT)
PJM2K1 (GP Chief) <-(Used the black wolf head)
AlexH (GP Captain)
Lugie (LAT/GP)
Elrond (LAT)
Nai (Bugs Admin)
JinZero (FAQ)

CDA Guilds

Yoshi Guild
The Flames

CDA Links



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