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Mithica Graal Server History

Server History

Clock Town

Mithica was the 3rd player world I played on when my graal adventure started back in
November 2000. I remember meeting my fist friend on Mithica his name was Piccolo. At the time Piccolo was a GP who would show me around on Mithica, He also introduced me to a NPC called the “Horse whistle” that would summon a horse for you to ride on. At the time I was about 14 maybe even 15 and I thought that was the



coolest NPC at the time on Mithica Then they came out with the Cloud Baddie NPC and I thought they were the greatest thing on Mithica. Anyways that’s pretty much all I can remember from my personal experience on Mithica.


Mithica was founded by Kerin in [2000] who was fired around 5/1/01 – 6/1/01 before Mithica went p2p. Mithca was also the first server to introduce the Gravity NPC was, Warren originally developed the script. They used it in a mario-style spar. Also they invited Stefan to come on the server to check out the Gravity Script that he was pretty impressed with.


January 2001, More newbies came on the server, Garnet aka Marle, gets hired and then while Psyker was naive (thats what he told me) he made Garnet an Admin, everyone was against it but Psyker was Head Admin at the time.
January 31st 2001, OwL Shimmy, yes that idiot, after being hired for 2 weeks, decides to wipe every file from FTP, that’s how he got IP Banned.

February 2001, Gabiani is promoted to co-owner, we start rebuilding mithica and we even wanted to make 10 kingdoms on mithica.. but everything fell apart since only a few were serious about this.

March 2001, things starts to be.. lame.. many oldbies stopped coming on mithica when they announced P2P Piccolo becomes full owner, Gabiani still co-owner and Kerin gets rehired by piccolo after quitting for one week.

April 2001,Piccolo gets fired by kerin after otaku’s evil manipulation over kerin, otaku already confessed his acts 

May 2001, as we all thought everything would go well, everything failed =P Kerin was fired by Stefan and Gabiani made full owner

June 2001,  Kerin is coming back as full owner and  Gabiani doesn’t  knows that.

Guild On Mithica

Neurotic was one of the best PKing guilds on Graal in 2001.
The leader of this mighty guild was players: Sigla
who set the home server of this guild on Mithica

Revival Of Mithica

The past server staff with diffrent managers tried to revive Mithica mutiple time.

Here are a few of the revival names.
Mithica Reborn – 09-27-2001 – By Kerin
Mithica – 12-22-2002 by Kerin 

Mithica: A New Beginning – Zell12 –  05-22-2002

10-11-2001 MAP



Mithica_2002_New GUI.png
Mithica: A New Beginning GUI



Gab’s Room

Mithica Server Staff

Kerin :Founder – Accounts:Mithica_Admin1 and Aegith
LoneWolf – Head NAT
Excalibur – Past Manager
ViVi – Admin (Account – Mithica_Admin3)
Otaku Napster – Past Co-Manager(Account Deleted on Graal)
Cali_2001 – GP Chief on Mithica 2001
Finc – GP Captain on Mithica 2001
Neglegence2002 : neg – GP
Piccolo – GP / Past Manager
GraalBR – Graphics Admin on Mithica in 2002
Psyker – GM, Co-Head LAT – Mithica 2001
Cyboars – Chris – NAT
Razza – Admin (account – Mithica_Admin2)
gestahl – Possible Manager at one Point.
kharlia’s – Possible Manager at one Point
zell12 : Gladiator – Admin
Chaos0838 – LAT
Mehido – Developer
holycarp – Manager
Funkee – GP – 2002
Soto – Admin 2002
AccountUnknow – Gab  – Last server manager before Kerin came back


Server Scripts

Following Human Pet Script Made by Chirs (Cyboars) for Mithica

// Graal NPC by Chris
if (created) {
// Initialize the attributes
setcharprop #3,head1132.gif;
setcharprop #C0,black;
setcharprop #C1,black;
setcharprop #C2,black;
setcharprop #C3,black;
setcharprop #C4,black;
setcharprop #n,-=ÇÿÞhή؆h=- (Corrupted Angels);
setcharprop #2,no-shield.gif;
shieldpower = 1;
setcharprop #8,body2.png;
dir = 2;
ap = 0;
if (playerdir = 1){setdir = 1;}
if (playerdir = 2) {setdir = 2;}
if (playerdir = 3) {setdir = 3;}
if (playerdir = 4) {setdir = 4;}
if (playersays(Cool)){say2 Want Cyph to follow?;}
if (playersays(follow)){followplayer;}

original Post Click Here

Main Players of Mithica

Rice2k – for about 6 month


Mithica Links

http://www.mithica.razza.org/ (does not work)

Random Images from Mithica



Random Cheater on Mithica Picture by :Crono
Clock Town on Mithica


All images and information was collected from GraalOnline.com


History of Born To Kill (BTK) Graal Guild

Update that BTK has a steam group! 
Join the BTK group by clicking here 

History of Born To Kill (BTK) Graal Guild


10x7ua0BTK was originally created on 1-1-2001 by Dark Grieviances and Slash Lightwind as a brother/satellite guild of NBK. The idea was that they would wear the BTK tag on other playerworlds besides the Main Server(Classic). They eventually found a home on Bravo and with Lady Zero and Dayson Mendez became the first few members and the first four leaders of BTK….

Dew joined the guild at the end of March 3-31-01 to be exact and i really hung out with Raven_X alot…he was in Baddies…we actually had a couple of guys in Baddies too. And then BTK just took the best from the Bravo guilds too. On Bravo it was a bunch of l337 people together, owning…the collection of talent was beautiful. Then someone either hacked the FTP and deleted it or we just got straight up deleted…but anyway we got deleted and BTK moved on to G3K. The ownage was worse on G3k because even though all the big name guys started going back to classic and whatever…we still were picking up a lot of people. And on top of that…we were picking up staff members, Shinobi Legend and Fate Knight, Hardkore….basically all of the staff was BTK on G3K. G3K was alot of fun….the levels were bad but it was fun….a lot of wars, a lot of BTK getting to do what they want to do. And we still had numbers 10-20 of us on a day….plus we started expanding to UN. The expansion to UN worked out great.

btk agianst me
G3K eventually got deleted, but by that time we were established on Xone dominating every guild there. Xone was different because we didnt know any of the big people with power there, so a lot of the time we got the shaft and were put in jail and dealt unjustice. At one point for a period of about 1-2months we were running the guild successively on 3 different servers at once. Xone was fun, a lot of underrated fighters were there and we continued to pick up the ones that were good enough for BTK. Xone also was led with corruption by staff and the server didn’t last long, we eventually just called UN home. Unholy Nation has been home to BTK over the last 4+ years where we continue to do what we do. Today we are known for our high-quality fighters, the strictest no multiguilding rules and just being a very active guild in general. To expect anything else but our continued dominance on Graal would not be wise, for BTK is limitless while you are limited.

BTK Now, BTK Forever!


BTK Members

Administrator: HarDKoRe

Jew Leader: WarHawk
Ex-Leader: HarDKoRe

Commander: Warhawk Dominator

Moderator: Wynde, Cloven, Contego Messiah

General: Myst Dominator

Centurion: Chaos, kokomoko

Cohort I: Baszle, BTK_Forever, NaS

Cohort II: Sally Bloodvayne, nebe, Pep

ALegionnaire: Raven_X, Gamble Forever, Rogpog, Tweak Elite

Soldier: sammy, Nate, Daevious, Joker, Lain Legendary, BaronNightmare Cyrus, Zeton, Spadez, Erowid Loxeus, GZookie Dominator, Okilian, i-Con, oneteR dynasty, Skull

Inactive: Relentless Mirage, Dark Mirage, Player, Kevin, Omega Zero, Paradox Mercy, Fearo, Gengarz Mercy, Xecutor, zeldaguardian, Zeeky, Mirage, LevisJeans, illusion Chill, mohawK dynasty, hazy, Primal Messiah, WiKKiD, Raven, Jon Wu, Chaotic Dominator, GP Dominator, known

Recruit: unknown dynasty, boojbert

Information taken from
Original BTK website – Click Here
and from Dew BTK Site – Click Here


BTK iClassic Codes (under construction)










BTK Videos

Images of BTK



1560253023623.jpghqdefault (1).jpgd014b8f34e88763a86fcb61fc27286aa33bf1c6b_full.jpg


Graal Forums Images of BTK