Frolic Graal Server History

Graal Server History

Frolic was made in 2001, The server was suppose to be a role-playing server it never got the attention it should have and after a year of being up on the server list the graal online globals removed it. They tried to revive frolic by calling it Frolic: Evolution but it never made much progress to be put back up on the Graal server list. Not much is know about Frolic.



Server Staff List

Zalastri Draven – Manager 2003-2004 (Paid to be manager)
Knuckles – Manager – 2003
Cybnext Other account Cybnext_Design – Manager – 2002
Vincent Valentine (Frolic Events Admin)
Spark Plug (Frolic Events)
Squall (Frolic Events)
Remix (GM)
w-dragoon – Co-Manager – 2002
KJS – Manager – 2001
BocoC – NAT
royce – GM
!Joker DarkBlade (warp2ukew) – Hiring Admin
Panda – LAT Admin
slp -S1p-  – GFX Admin – 2001 (Other Account Frolic_Admin1) – Manager
Glory – GFX Admin – 2002 (Quit because of being mistreated)
MysticalDragonP2P – LAT

News From KJS


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Frolic Screenshots

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