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Bomy’s and their History – Story Time

Bomy’s and their History
(Story Time)


“In the beginning…”- Bomys are an advanced creature that came upon this planet, was dumped here un-willingly, and abandoned. Most of the bomys died off, and few survived. The bomys mainly adapted to the harsh cold of Mt. Anatora due to the few number of Humans. The bomys that tried to live in forests and rivers, died off easily due to Humans thinking they were some… weird…. thing… Any ways….
bomy pets.gif
Zalactic Labs- After 200 years of living in the cold, the bomys finally decided to wander out again, even though they had a very sheer number to tend. One such bomy, who I will not name at the time due to I wanting you to find it on your own, wandered off into the forest near Silverstin Sea. Near there, a young man, who will be known as Professor at the time, was taking field notes when something caught his eye. A few minutes afterword, Professor took the new specimen into their secret Lab deep within the side of Mount Anatora.
The Secret- Now, while Professor was doing all this, his buddy, Professor was out doing some strange experiments. He wouldn’t tell Professor about them, but soon after finding the bomy in a study room, Professor quickly confessed about what he was doing. He had stumbled upon a bomy walking around up north approximately one month before the discovery in the woods. Professor also told his college about what he was doing with the bomys. He had created a special suit called B.A.E.S (Bomy Appendage Enhancing System/Suit). This suit would enable a bomy to pick up objects freely and use them at will. Another amazing discovery that was made was that the Bomy-BoPots, as they were properly called, were able to eat bombs and anything similar, harnessing the power within it and storing it inside the Bomy’s body, ready to use at another time. This energy was soon the source of power that ran the B.A.E.S. and helped refine the Bomys’ skills. And now, the plot thickens…
The Visitor- After about 3 years of research and updating the B.A.E.S., a visitor decided to drop in and visit the two scientists hard at work. Knowing nothing of the bomys or what they did, the young man that stumbled upon the scientists was amazed and wanted to learn more. He soon became obsessed with breeding more and new bomys so that the variety would increase and soon after, the number of bomys in the country would rise dramatically. After creating about 20 different species within 19 years, an fatal error was made.

The Error-The young man set back towards the main town of the country to bring the world the joy of the bomys, but as he did, he accidentally left one of the security cages of the fire type bomy on low security. Upon escaping, the other bomys became worried and frantic. Most of them easily picked their looks using enhanced telekinesis. Others were left free by ones already free. Only one bomy remained behind. It was the bomy that was first discovered. The very same night, as Professor was leaving, he noticed that something was very wrong. The first bomy specimen was alert and very excited. In surprise and shock Professor opened the door towards the outside world. The first found bomy then left the premises with the other escaped bomys, minus the fire type bomy now running throughout the vents. Professor and Professor, unaware of what was going on, went deep into the heart of the labs, checking every security grid and system in the facility. Yet, within 10 minutes, Mount Anatora was rocked with an amazing explosion deep within the mountain.

bomy_grim.gifAfter Math- To this day, the bomys have never returned to the place that they escaped from. Some have forgotten all about their telekinesis and what was learned at the Labs. The youth that had visited the two missing scientist long ago now set out on a journey to teach all people of the Bomys and their ways. Bomys now live in harmony with most humans, both of them not knowing what happened or what will happen….

As for the weapons kiddies, it’s all Telekinesis. Bomys can use weapons, yet their powers need to be refined or in the use of the B.A.E.S. Yet, that is still hidden within the labs…. Along with the bombs…..bomy_mhupdate2.png

Original story link here –

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Lost World Graal Server History

Lost World
Graal Server History

The Lost Worlds graal server came out in 2000 by Lionheart (lionzidas) aka
“Knight Lionheart” was the creator of the LostWorld server but only for a short
peroid of time. Some how the FTP password got leaked out and someone log into
the lost world server folder and delete the entire server. At the time Lionheart never made any sort of backup of the server and because of this the server was taken down from the server list to never be heard of again.

Since the server was not up for long we are unable to find any screenshots or much more information about the server. We do apologize for the inconvenience.

Lost World Guilds

The Flames – Made the Lost World it’s home base for it’s guild but only for a short time since the server was deleted and removed from the hosted server list section.
You can read more about the guild “The Flames” by Clicking Here

Lost World Staff

Lionheart (lionzidas) – Founder of the graal server “Lost World”
-Axel- – Graal Police

Lost World Original Players

Ghost Pirate
Mr. Bear

Lost World Links

Lost World Player SSJ2_Gogeta – Click Here
Lost World Player Ghost Pirate – Click Here
Lost World Player -Axel- – Click Here
Founder Info and Player of Lost World lionzidas – Click Here
Melm Lost World Player – The Flames Guild – Click Here
Lionzidas Profile – Click Here

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Endora Graal Server History

Graal Server History

Endora is a 2004 Graal Server that had a medieval theme for a Role-Playing server.
It will have monsters to fight, levels to gain, armor to wear, weapons to shed blood with, events to enjoy, hats to wear, quest to conquer, dungeons to explore, and much more.
The server was ran mainly by Dark Elf & AvalonDaebust.

Information above about Endora was copied and edited from here

Endor was officially hosted on GraalOnline server list on 05-22-2009

A message from AvalonDaeBust about the server.
I (AvalonDaeBust) initially set up Endora, together with “Dark Elf”… -We got a full level pack and a custom tileset from some LAT guy that wanted to share it with us. (His name was “DaSportsPlaya”) -We wanted it to be an open-world RPG hack & slash game with monsters walking around different areas / zones in this playerworld inspired by a game i used to play & love called “Ragnarok Online” -Lack of proper people to help us on the GFX, sprite, gani part etc. led us to lose motivation and quit our efforts. – Gave it to an IRL friend of mine who goest by the name “K9” who then picked up from what we left off, together with his friend “Contiga.

We used to have a “tree top village” it was my favorite part of the map.
It was later removed without my permission as the LAT guy didn’t like it …

Endor Project ended in 2004 by the lack of talent they were not able to hire on any REAL developers for Endor.  Then on  06-12-2008 another announcement is made by warmaster70229 stating the following post.

Endora has returned, a land of fun, friendships, betrayals,
and awkward alliances awaits you!

The Good Old Days…

Endora started a few years back,
but was shut down do to some server issues,
and didn’t come back up as expected, it was originally a
hosted server, being inspected for classic status,
and had up to 30-40 players on at one time.

Main Idea

The idea or purpose of endora is simple: Just have fun!
We provide quests, frequently updates items,
an expansive GMAP, nations (Almost done),
and much more, your job is to simply have fun with it!

Now to the point!

As we have just been brought back,
we are looking for some staff to help us get
patched up and ready to re-apply for Hosted,
we are hiring the following staff as of the current moment:

1-3 Level Makers.

1 Scripter (As a possibility,
I can likely handle it myself,
and if I can’t we have Chompy)

1 Ganier.

1 Monster/Item Designer.

Contact Me at:

or MysticalDragon at:

Thank you!

I will be posting some screenshots early tomorrow,
have a great day everyone!

GraalOnline Post above can be found here

Once again the server did not really see any support from the graalians community and ONCE again went back on the back burner. Until  11-08-2007 when MysticalDragon made a post on the official graal forums. Now one thing that MysticalDragon  did unlike the other people who posted on the forums is he actually had a pretty good intruction about the server and what they needed. He also included screenshots of what they have done and made on Endora. Here is a copy of the post from MD (Mystical Dragon)

The other thread was kinda off topic and didn’t consist of what endora needs.We’re currently seeking Development positions such as GFXs,LATs,NATs and MOSTLY GATS.You can either forum contact me,Angel or Drastic Vendetta if interested in one of the following positions.Please don’t asked to be hired for a position that is not listed above because you will be black listed from our Non-Development staff when we are classic.
Endora is a beautiful playerworld that was originally created by Contiga, Krattos, Em and the rest of there staffs.Within time like most playerworlds the development deteriorated and staff became inactive until the playerworld died. I came along at the beginning of 2007 and picked up a team and where endora left off and continued its progress. Since then endorahas made a 360 Degrees
turn around and is being shaped into a playerworld that every player would love to enjoy.
Endora is a Magical playerworld with over 80 Weapons,7 Quests,5 Games and a Party System that involves Raids. Raids is a party that consist of more then 10 players in order to complete a massive Multi-Player quest.

Here is a few Snapshots out of the many that I COULD post, but then again there is not enough room on here or better yet a whole hard drive to hold as much excitement as endoraoffers……

Thank You for your interest in Endora and I hope you enjoy your stay.

MysticalDragon (Manager)
Drastic Vendetta (Manager)
Angel (Admin)



Here is our Nice Designed QMenu filled with a bunch of different unique armors that you can obtain on Endora.You can also drag items off your qmenu using your mouse to drop/trade items.
This map is just like Graal Kingdoms.You can set markers etc, but the only difference between this map then GK’s is that other players appear on the maps as well.
Endoras GUI (Graphic User Interface).Endoras GUI was GFXed by Krattos and Scripted by me.The uniqueness of the GUI that I like the most is the Hotkey type buttons that allow you quick access to some of your many options.endora_levelupsystem.png

To level up you have to kill Monsters and bosses.Everything on Endora has exp and levels, such as Fishing,Mining,Swimming,Sword,Magic,Combat etc.
Endoras almighty HolyStaff in action using the FLAME BARRIER Spell.These wolves stand no chance is parished within seconds.


Endora is sure to be a top playerworld upon release/ when we release.We are a fast growing playerworld and seek for very talented staff to join our fun motivated team.Any other questions can be posted here and or opinions.But I beg you, please respect this thread and post positive and above all stay ON TOPIC.Last thread turned into a thread of disapprove and complaints.That serves No purpose here.
Once again Thank You for your interest in endora!!

P.S Alot of NPCs and Endoras content was created by Contiga,Krattos and Em

The contents above can be found here on GraalOnline Offical Forums

Okay now what Mystical Dragon posted above to try to get the attention of the graalians community to hire staff what pretty legit compared to past posts. He actually gain alot of support from the community and a lot of developers were lining up to help with Endora unlike the past posts.  This pretty much was the last we heard of Endora from it’s staff and from MD until 07-06-2010Enchanted Wolf XxX announce Endora: Reborn ! Now from the picture below the server actually looks like it could be good if all the levels look like that but, How he posted on the Graal Online forums does not really get the attention of people other than saying the server looks like Ragnarok, World of Warcraft, etc. The Graalians community really did not seem to find any interest in this announcement by EnchantedWolfXxX who was supposedly the new manager of Endor at this time. Below is a statement copy of exactly what EnchatedWolfXxX posted.

Hello there, if you are reading this.. you must be curious.

Endora is under new Management.

I’m looking to hire the following:
Developer – 1-2 (Need experience in atleast 2 departments)
Levels Team – 5 (OW Work, level fix, shops, detailing, and quests)
Graphics Team – 3 (weapon/armor icons, mounts, and sprites)
Scripting Team – 3 (weapons, quests, spells, mounts and skills)
Gani Team – 2 (sprites of: weapons, spells, mounts, and other skills)
Sounds Team – 1 (various sounds)

If I’m not online, you can reach me by the following:
AIM – Duckalow
E-Mail –

Just send me some work and a description of what you can do/are interested in.endora2010_wolf.jpg

Graal post above can be found here

Then in 07-06-2011, Endora made a post that Subject was “Endora Returns, Hiring!
by Drizzy. In Drizzy Post he stated the following message.

Endora is in need of a Development team to help push us to Classic Tab material. Endora has been attempted to be brought back many times , and countless horrible efforts. I have been part of a lot of them, and understand what I did wrong, and how Endora can finally be completed. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication.New offerings on Endora will be:-New Baddies
-New Weapons
-New Jobs (Farming)
-Fix old jobs to become more stable and working (Fishing, Mining, Crafting, and Carpentry)
-Better Combat/Targeting System
-Better EXP system
-New and improve Party System
-Clan System
-Better Class Selection system
-Lock weapons to each class
-Better and more improved PVP/PVE system
-More events
-More prizes
-A lot more quests
-More towns and dungeons
-new tutorial

What Positions Are Available:

1. We are in need of advanced level designers who are capable of being creative and developing unique ideas and common solutions to common skirmishes in levels.
2. We are looking for Scripters who will be able to work on fixing old systems, and working on new ones to better the server, and supply a pleasant working environment for other members.
3. We are looking for Graphic Artists who are willing to receive criticism, and work on fixing old weapons while creating new ones (swords,tiles,baddies,signs,items for players)
Optimistic, respectable attitude. Poor attitude is horrible for the working environment, and will not be tolerated at all.
Need a form of communication (AIM/MSN)
Must be active and loyal to the project at hand
Willing to work even if your own ideas are not approved.
To understand you’re not allowed to show anyone else on graal (who doesn’t work on the project) screen shots or anything that would leak out information.

Payments and Compensation:
Workers may be compensated with gold, and a guaranteed position for when we apply for Classic.

Application Process:

Level Designers
-need to complete 2 insides and 2 outsides using endora‘s tileset (endora_krattos_tiles.png) You can show additional work as well if you like. Remember to make sure it’s your best work.
Graphics Artists
-need to create (1 sword 1 Staff 1 Bow), and can as well include a portfolio of your best work.
Scripting Team
-Need to show 2 examples of systems you created on your own, how it works, and how it is beneficial for the server.

Overall information for applicants:

-Send all applications to
-Send them saved with your account name (“your account”.txt)
-Please explain your experiences on other servers, and a list of places you may have worked, and projects you completed.

Current Staff Team:

Manageemnt (XxJiggaxX:Jigga)
Server Adminstration (triple_Combo: Kitty) (ranmalrac1: Dizzy)
Development Team: (Hyto_Kirra)
Possible Graphics Team: (LightDamage:LD) (casey10:casey) (LilacStar:Lilian)
Levels Admin: (trimaster:Justin Cypher
Levels Team: (Rave_J:Rave) (ManDown:BM)
Helping with Levels (SlikRick: SlikRick) (silverice: silverice)
Possible Scripting team: (callimuc:callimuc)

Post Above can be found here on GraalOnline

The message above that Drizzy sent out did not seem to get a lot of the Graalians community attentions especially with a few know players who abuse for example Triple_Combo who is known to get a staff position on every new or old server possible just to pretend to help so she/he can get items later on if the server goes up.

At this point the server seem to get no help or support from the Graalians community and once again went back onto the back burner. Until 07-19-2011 when tstre tried to recruit developers once again Endora but not much was said at that point from the community or from Endora staff. (Link Here for tstre post)

Endora Server Staff (Under Development)

Original Staff List of Endora 2004
(FAQ Team),bioboi,BlobZ,

Also a Quick shout to Nate (bioboi) R.I.P. Brother.
You will never bee forgotten.

Endora WebSites

Endora Office Website (link does not work) –
Endora Returns Thread – Click Here
Final Push for Endor (info not added to blog Click Here)
Endora officially hosted – Click Here
Endora Returns – MysticalDragon Staff? pshh – Click Here
Endora Staff openings by Arch_Angel – not added to blog – Click Here

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Costa De Agua Graal Server History

Costa De Agua
Graal Server History

Coasta De Agua was originally created by Link in 2000. He asked Stefan for some space on GO, and Stefan said he would think about it after being shown some amazing levels. So that’s how we got here! We have tried many layouts. But they never succeeded until this one. Near the end of CDA time
Elrond who became a LAT started changing the left side of the map into more of a elf type scene and after that FTP got hacked and all the levels got deleted and surprisingly enough Elvens Land goes up to replace CDA.

Elrond was a staff member who stole some scripts and graphics from CDA for Elvens Land.jujmph12fxe31.jpg

Server Staff

Link (Founder / Manager)
Gohan (Co-Manager)
Phayze (LAT)
PJM2K1 (GP Chief) <-(Used the black wolf head)
AlexH (GP Captain)
Lugie (LAT/GP)
Elrond (LAT)
Nai (Bugs Admin)
JinZero (FAQ)

CDA Guilds

Yoshi Guild
The Flames

CDA Links



All images and information was collected from

Frolic Graal Server History

Graal Server History

Frolic was made in 2001, The server was suppose to be a role-playing server it never got the attention it should have and after a year of being up on the server list the graal online globals removed it. They tried to revive frolic by calling it Frolic: Evolution but it never made much progress to be put back up on the Graal server list. Not much is know about Frolic.



Server Staff List

Zalastri Draven – Manager 2003-2004 (Paid to be manager)
Knuckles – Manager – 2003
Cybnext Other account Cybnext_Design – Manager – 2002
Vincent Valentine (Frolic Events Admin)
Spark Plug (Frolic Events)
Squall (Frolic Events)
Remix (GM)
w-dragoon – Co-Manager – 2002
KJS – Manager – 2001
BocoC – NAT
royce – GM
!Joker DarkBlade (warp2ukew) – Hiring Admin
Panda – LAT Admin
slp -S1p-  – GFX Admin – 2001 (Other Account Frolic_Admin1) – Manager
Glory – GFX Admin – 2002 (Quit because of being mistreated)
MysticalDragonP2P – LAT

News From KJS


Frolic Links (Slots Game)

Frolic Screenshots

All images and information was collected from


Mithica Graal Server History

Server History

Clock Town

Mithica was the 3rd player world I played on when my graal adventure started back in
November 2000. I remember meeting my fist friend on Mithica his name was Piccolo. At the time Piccolo was a GP who would show me around on Mithica, He also introduced me to a NPC called the “Horse whistle” that would summon a horse for you to ride on. At the time I was about 14 maybe even 15 and I thought that was the



coolest NPC at the time on Mithica Then they came out with the Cloud Baddie NPC and I thought they were the greatest thing on Mithica. Anyways that’s pretty much all I can remember from my personal experience on Mithica.


Mithica was founded by Kerin in [2000] who was fired around 5/1/01 – 6/1/01 before Mithica went p2p. Mithca was also the first server to introduce the Gravity NPC was, Warren originally developed the script. They used it in a mario-style spar. Also they invited Stefan to come on the server to check out the Gravity Script that he was pretty impressed with.


January 2001, More newbies came on the server, Garnet aka Marle, gets hired and then while Psyker was naive (thats what he told me) he made Garnet an Admin, everyone was against it but Psyker was Head Admin at the time.
January 31st 2001, OwL Shimmy, yes that idiot, after being hired for 2 weeks, decides to wipe every file from FTP, that’s how he got IP Banned.

February 2001, Gabiani is promoted to co-owner, we start rebuilding mithica and we even wanted to make 10 kingdoms on mithica.. but everything fell apart since only a few were serious about this.

March 2001, things starts to be.. lame.. many oldbies stopped coming on mithica when they announced P2P Piccolo becomes full owner, Gabiani still co-owner and Kerin gets rehired by piccolo after quitting for one week.

April 2001,Piccolo gets fired by kerin after otaku’s evil manipulation over kerin, otaku already confessed his acts 

May 2001, as we all thought everything would go well, everything failed =P Kerin was fired by Stefan and Gabiani made full owner

June 2001,  Kerin is coming back as full owner and  Gabiani doesn’t  knows that.

Guild On Mithica

Neurotic was one of the best PKing guilds on Graal in 2001.
The leader of this mighty guild was players: Sigla
who set the home server of this guild on Mithica

Revival Of Mithica

The past server staff with diffrent managers tried to revive Mithica mutiple time.

Here are a few of the revival names.
Mithica Reborn – 09-27-2001 – By Kerin
Mithica – 12-22-2002 by Kerin 

Mithica: A New Beginning – Zell12 –  05-22-2002

10-11-2001 MAP



Mithica_2002_New GUI.png
Mithica: A New Beginning GUI



Gab’s Room

Mithica Server Staff

Kerin :Founder – Accounts:Mithica_Admin1 and Aegith
LoneWolf – Head NAT
Excalibur – Past Manager
ViVi – Admin (Account – Mithica_Admin3)
Otaku Napster – Past Co-Manager(Account Deleted on Graal)
Cali_2001 – GP Chief on Mithica 2001
Finc – GP Captain on Mithica 2001
Neglegence2002 : neg – GP
Piccolo – GP / Past Manager
GraalBR – Graphics Admin on Mithica in 2002
Psyker – GM, Co-Head LAT – Mithica 2001
Cyboars – Chris – NAT
Razza – Admin (account – Mithica_Admin2)
gestahl – Possible Manager at one Point.
kharlia’s – Possible Manager at one Point
zell12 : Gladiator – Admin
Chaos0838 – LAT
Mehido – Developer
holycarp – Manager
Funkee – GP – 2002
Soto – Admin 2002
AccountUnknow – Gab  – Last server manager before Kerin came back


Server Scripts

Following Human Pet Script Made by Chirs (Cyboars) for Mithica

// Graal NPC by Chris
if (created) {
// Initialize the attributes
setcharprop #3,head1132.gif;
setcharprop #C0,black;
setcharprop #C1,black;
setcharprop #C2,black;
setcharprop #C3,black;
setcharprop #C4,black;
setcharprop #n,-=ÇÿÞhή؆h=- (Corrupted Angels);
setcharprop #2,no-shield.gif;
shieldpower = 1;
setcharprop #8,body2.png;
dir = 2;
ap = 0;
if (playerdir = 1){setdir = 1;}
if (playerdir = 2) {setdir = 2;}
if (playerdir = 3) {setdir = 3;}
if (playerdir = 4) {setdir = 4;}
if (playersays(Cool)){say2 Want Cyph to follow?;}
if (playersays(follow)){followplayer;}

original Post Click Here

Main Players of Mithica

Rice2k – for about 6 month


Mithica Links (does not work)*/

Random Images from Mithica



Random Cheater on Mithica Picture by :Crono
Clock Town on Mithica


All images and information was collected from


History – Lords of Graal (LOG)

History of Lords of Graal (LOG)
LOG is a military-guild

Under Construction 

Guild Information

Guild Tag LOG
Guild Full Name LOG
Established Time 2000-11-01 10:11:43
Members Count 81
Guild Status Active

Guild Charter

LOG (Lords of Graal) is a guild, or group of people with similar interests, who congress when playing Graal. LOG is an anti-PK guild and try their best to help their fellow players.

Members have a wide variety of ages, backgrounds and nationalities. LOG accepts all Graal players who are willing to follow our rules and is always looking for new recruits.

LOG was founded on July 7th of 2000 by its two leaders, Imperator and The General, and is now run by Sharki.

LOG boasts a complex military ranking and organization system and several departments and agencies, which handle different issues in LOG separately for maximum effeciency. Some departments hold monthly competitions and various events, offer help to people new to Graal, handle membership-related paperwork, etc.

Preferred Worlds All

Contact Information

Website Address
Public Email





Member List




LOG Guild  Link

Graal Discord Server List

10x7ua0Graal Discord Server List

Here is a list of Graal Discord Servers that we support and approve of!
Unholy Nation Discord –
Graal Kingdoms Discord –
Graalians DiscordServer –
The Flames Guild (A old Graal Guild)  –
Graal Anime Community –
Era Discord Server –
Zodiac Discord Server –
Zonians Discord Server –
Clan Paused (Graal Guild and Gaming Community –


Post your graal discord server here