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Graal – The Flames Guild Archives


The Flames Graal Guild History
The beginning (early 2000) In a distant past, Dark Blaze and his friend White Dragon decided to create a guild called The Flames ! It was the first Fire/Flame guild to be created on Graal. I also believe it was the first guild to start with “The”. Before we had our (The Flames) guildcode registered, our nicknames looked like this : Nickname ~ The Flames~ Rank (Dark Blaze and I later on dropped the ranking system.) When I joined, the most active flames were probably Dark Blaze, Neo Gold, Kjeldoran, Darth Maul, Shab, myself and a few others. Upon my proposal, our hideout became the big building in Hippie Ville.


image (9).jpg
For anyone whom this may interest, here is how I ended up joining The Flames. In June 2000 (when we were on Main because it was the only server available), I was trying to get the 4 Graals. As I was staring at the door of the lonely guy who never pays his taxes and wondering how I could get him to open his door, a recruiter for The Flames named Kjeldoran along with a new recruit (I unfortunately forgot his name) came by. He told us how to get the Graal and led us to some full-hearts. He then asked me if I wanted to join The Flames. I accepted the offer and became a soldier. I certainly was not expecting to become a leader in the future! The Flames was the first guild that I ever joined and will be my last guild.
Numerous guild members are wondering what the guild’s foundation date is. Sadly, only Dark Blaze or White Dragon would know. However, I do know that the guild was a few months old when I joined it. Therefore, we can guess that The Flames was founded in early 2000.
image (1).gif
Guild slowdown (Late June 2000 – Early July 2000) On July 4, 2000, Shab and I planned to quit The Flames. Indeed, we never saw guild members online anymore: we had came to conclusion that the guild was dead. So Shab, DA_SAKrifica (a real-life friend of mine) and myself held a meeting in Hippieville’s mansion. We intended to start a new guild, but the idea never got off the ground. Surprise! (July 6, 2000) On July 6, 2000, The Flames leader finally appeared online and contacted me with the following message: “hey put the flames on ya name if ya want we arent dead just that it takes a while for me to get in some days” I was fully back in The Flames, along with Shab and a few others.
image (1).png
(The Flames) guild tag now official, and The Kane&Apple Mansion days (July 13, 2000 – Late September, 2000) On the 13th of July, 2000, the leader informed me that The Flames was now an official GraalOnline guild (I’d say since about July 10, but I can only speculate.) We moved our unofficial HQ to the Kain&Apple Mansion. Many screenshots on the snaps page were taken from there, for these days were quite pleasant. The Lostworld days (Late September, 2000 – December 9, 2000) At some point, Playerworlds became available. At that time, Main Server was sickening me (and many other Flames) for two main reasons: its sempiternal lag and the arrogance of its players. It was time for a change. Therefore, I decided to check out a player-managed server called Lostworld. I quickly became familiar with Lostworld and its players. Soon, I invited Flames members over to that server. I built a guild house and got it uploaded. The Flames soon became a strong presence in this community-like playerworld.
image (3).jpg
Dark Blaze’s departure as the leader of The Flames (December 2, 2000) On December 2, 2000, at about 23 o’clock, Dark Blaze, the creator and leader of The Flames, informed me that he was going to give me leadership. That was a sad shock for me. I had always seen him as an all-around great person, and he held the spirits of The Flames (fun, freedom & respect) very well. Here was his announcement on our main page: “hey guys i know i haven’t been on for a while and that’s why i have decided to make consolamentum the new leader of the flames :smiley: i will be here bouncing from server to server dominion evolution lost world and rarely N-Pulse other than that i will be working behind the scenes learning how to make NPC’s so i can make the guild have some kick ass weapons (The Way It Was Intended) so people have a good evening/day Dark Blaze” In search for a new home (December 9, 2000 – Mid-December, 2000) When LostWorld shut down on December 9, many of us became worried : where would we go now? I went to Coasta de Agua and successfully got the guild house uploaded. However, after a few incidents, I ventured the playerworlds in search for a new home for our headquarters.
image (2).png
The Celestia days (Mid-December, 2000 – Early 2001) As soon as I logged on Celestia, Vincent Valentine, a member of our guild (who happened to be a staffer with FTP access) offered to upload the guildhouse. I quickly agreed. The Celestian times were very similar to the Lostworld times. The guild grew quickly, and we enjoyed ourselves quite a lot. Unfortunately, the Playerworld was shut down in the beginning of 2001. GuildCP fiasco (Early 2001 – March 2001) Not long before Celestia was taken off Graal, the Guild Control Panel was shut down for “security reasons”. Basically, no guilds were able to proceed to the addition and deletion of members anymore. Celestia was then destroyed, and I ceased going to Graal as much as I used to. I even planned to quit Graal if the GuildCP would not return. Fortunately, it returned to its full functionality in March. The Flames had survived. In search for a new home – Yet again (Early March, 2001 – April 20th, 2001) The Guild Control Panel was back, but the guildhouse was not, since Coasta de Agua and Celestia (the two playerworlds which were hosting the guildhouse) were history. Our search was hard and frustrating. The guild members split apart and appeared on servers such as Graal2001, Main, Bravo Online and Mithica.
image (4).jpg
Old Enigma (April 20, 2001 – May 17, 2001) As soon as Enigma was put up, I tried it out and found an awesome guy named Cyanide. At that time, he was Enigma’s Head GM. After reviewing The Flames’ guild house, he hastily agreed to upload it. Guild members soon began flocking down to Old Enigma and the recruiting went very well.
image (3).png
Old Enigma goes Pay-to-Play (May 17, 2001) On June the 4th, Warcaptain, owner of Enigma, declared: Enigma is going Pay to Play. I know you all dont like it but it is really a good thing. Stefan is getting on as soon as I tell him to to do everything. If you have an account Enigma_something, then you can get on and play for free. We hope that everyone here who doesnt have a pay account gets one and returns to Enigma for more exciting fun. Your Friendly – Fun – Server Owner, Warcaptain
image (4).png
Dino Valley (May 17, 2001 – June 4, 2001) After Old Enigma died (that is, when it became Pay-to-Play), we sadly agreed to meet on Dino Valley, a playerworld which had originally been designed as a home for the guild Yoshi Tribe. I got lucky enough to find one of the few hard working staffers, Alzabo. He uploaded the guildhouse in the southeast corner of the world. Most of us did not enjoy our time on Dino Valley. Let me explain how Dino Valley is setup. Most levels are made of ugly grass. The majority of them are noplayerkilling zones. In other words, it is a dream land for neophytes (newbies.) As The Flames grew, so did the amount of enemies we had. It was sickening. I was receiving insulting PMs all the time (my ignore list was quite lenghty.) It seemed like every minute, a jealous leader of a fake guild would declare war on us. The funny thing is that most of them were in fact poor fighters (to put it nicely.) Near the end of our time there, Madman, admin on Dino Valley and leader of Yoshi Tribe (now dead!), became jealous of Flames’ success on his guild’s playerworld. He began messing with our guild house. He removed our sacred guild NPCWs (the Warp Ring and Dancing Boots) and added a humiliating sign outside the guild house which basically said: “Fix the errors in your guild house and make the inside look cuter, or we will take it down.” Obviously, he was disregarding the fact that The Flames had by far the best guild house on his server! It only had minor errors. While the other guild houses were pathetically messed up, they received no warning. We quickly understood that Madman was discriminating us – as in finding excuses to humiliate and weaken us. Additionally, he even stole the graphic we use for our Warp Ring and used it for his own purpose – without asking us.
image (5).jpg
New Enigma: Enigma goes free again! (June 4, 2001 – Mid-June, 2001) Not long after the Madman events occured, Warcaptain released New Enigma and made it free. Most Flames gladly returned to Enigma, although some stayed on Dino Valley. New Enigma was and is not as good as Old Enigma, but it is Enigma nonetheless!
image (5).png
GuildCP problems once again: guild scattered (Mid-June, 2001 – Early August, 2001) In Mid-June, the GuildCP became extremely hazardous. New guild tags often took ages to work. The guilds system then completely went down, disallowing us from recruiting new members. As I am writing this (October 12 2001), it is still down. Many of us became discouraged. Those who wanted to join were not able to. I once again lost interest for Graal and stopped playing it as much. The guild’s size diminished. Many members joined other playerworlds and were never seen again. Based mainly on New Enigma as a local guild (Early August, 2001 – March 3, 2002)
image (3).gifimage (6).png
Due to the guild utility not working correctly, I finally agreed to accept Warcaptain’s offer : from now on, we would be based on Enigma, and our guild tags would only work there. It was still possible for us to use the guild manager in order to add Classic and 2001 Flames tags, but few members played on those servers. We then played on New Enigma for a long time, until… The End (March 3, 2002) It’s over.

2018 – Until Now The Flames guild is now on classic Graal


Guild Information


The Flames: Fun, Freedom and Fraternity. We are neither Good nor Evil. Some of us PK, some do not. Our members can be Saints or Evil Pkers: it is up to them. Our rules are fair and obvious. Open-mindedness, loyalty and respect (for yourself and the others) are encouraged. What is not encouraged is arrogance. I, Consolamentum, will not tolerate it. I believe Graal is not the place to act like elite gods, and I condemn the guilds whose leaders and members act as if the world was bowing in front of them. We accept some newbies, as we will train them and hope they will become faithful members of The Flames. This guild has no ranks. Ranks would be contrary to the values of this guild, as they would imply that some members are “higher” than the others. Instead, members can choose to have a job in the guild, or to not have any. Once again, it is up to them. You may call this guild a “newbie guild” or whatever, but quite frankly, my dears, I do not give a dang.

To whom it concerns: Your insults are about as effective as fresh bird crap being wiped out by a windshield.

– Consolamentum, current leader.

The Flames was founded by Dark Blaze.


image (5).png

The Flames Joining requirements

It is strongly suggested that you read all of the information below before filling up the Join Form, which is at the bottom of this page. Another way to join is to contact a leader/co-leader/recruiter on Graal. Tips for Recruiters are here.

Latest news concerning the guild managing

(March 2001) The guild control pannel is finally working again.  It is now possible to join the guild.

(January 2001) The guild control pannel is down until the release of Graal 1.42.  That means no new members can be added until then.  I will recruit everyone who sent applications as soon as I can.

(November 1, 2000) It is with great sorrow that I must announce that has deleted all the guild members of all guilds as the new guild system was implemented. That means every Flame has to be added once again to the roster. And this time, I need your email address, and you need to know your graalonline password in order to login in the guild manager (once I have added you) and register your nickname.  To make things easier for all of us, please use this form to join, or contact the leader, the co-leader or any recruiter (we will hire some soon – interested? PM Consolamentum). Read everything on this page carefully.  If you have any questions, ask on the message board.

Useful information concerning this form 

1- People who like to join many guilds are not welcome. If we find out that you are in other guilds, we will probably remove you from ours (unless it is a special case, like an allied guild).

2- Please be honest about your stats.

3- In “Server”, enter the server you most frequently use, be it Main Server, Kharlia, Paradox, Lost World, etc. All your stats (account, hearts, sword ‘s level, etc.) must be the ones you have on that server. Don’t be embarassed about entering your real stats, even if they are low. We are not snobs, and will accept most people in the guild !

4- Be sure to give your real email address, because that is where the information on how to join the guild will be sent. Don’t worry, we will not add you to any spam list, we will only use that email as a way for to contact you with the steps on how to join.

5- Your account name is case sensitive, so if it is joE_ClArK, then say it’s joE_ClArK, and not joe_clark or something.

Very important steps concerning the new guild system and how to join

1- Complete this form, then click on Join The Flames.

2- The manager of this form will then add your account name and email address to the guild database as soon as possible.

3- As soon as you are added, will send you an email (thats why I need your real email ! ) with all the steps. Basically, you need to go to click on GuildCP on the left frame menu (or go to and login with your GraalOnline account name and password ( go to if you do not know your password: that will get you a new one).

4- After you are logged in, click on Change nick. Two things to consider when setting your nickname: A) Do not give yourself a {Rank} unless authorized to do so (we don’t do ranks anyway). B) Do not put in the (The Flames) part. That is not necessary. When done, click on Save. You will then have to wait for a leader/recruiter to build the new database ( we will be refreshing the database frequently), or just PM a leader/recruiter on Graal and ask to have the DB updated. So, once in a while, just try and see if your Flames nickname works by typing this: setnick TheNicknameYouChose (The Flames)

Changing your nickname afterwards

If you wish to change your nickname in the future, do the same procedure you did in the steps 3 and 4.

Ways to communicate with other Flames members

Once you have become a (The Flames) member, you can communicate with the other members using different ways, among which are:

1- Graal itself.

2- Login on the GuildCP (or and go to the Public Announcements to read/post messages.

3- Read/Post messages on our Forum.

4- Other ways, such as email, ICQ, AIM, etc.  More information about some of our members can be found in the Profiles section.

Related links

Graal password recovery: 

Graal Guild Manager Utility: ,or click on “GuildCP” on the left menu of this website

Graal Online News: 

Tips for guild recruiters

1- Ask if the person is in other guilds. Don't recruit someone
who's already in more than one guild and/or who will not make
The Flames their main guild.

2- Check the person's account name in their profile.

3- Ask for their email.

4- Click on GuildCP (on the left frame of this website) or go to , and login with your

5- Click on Guild Roster.

6- Go to the bottom, enter the person's account
name and email, then click Add Member.

7- Go to the top, and click on Main Menu, then click on Build Database.

8- Copy/paste this to the person:  Please go to our website and click on GuildCP. In the 'Account name'
field, type in your account name (case sensitive). In 'Password' , enter
the password of your graal account.  In 'Guild', scroll down to The_Flames. 
Click Submit, then once you are logged in, click Change Nick. Enter your
nickname (do NOT put in (The Flames) ) and click on Save. Once that is done,
ask a leader/recruiter to rebuild the Database.  After that is done, 
your Flames nickname should be working in a few minutes.  Your nickname 
will be in this format : NickNameYouChose (The Flames) . Remember everything
is case sensitive.  And make sure you agree to the Rules, which are stated
in the Rules section of Thanks for your interest 
in this guild!

9- Rebuild the database when the person has set their nickname. 
Their (The Flames) tag should be up and running a few minutes after that.

The Flames Rules

As much as this guild is free, it still needs a few guidelines, so things keep running smoothly.  I think these rules are fair and obvious.  If  you have comments or suggestions to make, please do them in the Comments/Suggestions section of our Forum.

Regarding loyalty

– Although you are allowed to be in another guild, The Flames must be your main guild, and not a secondary/backup guild.

– You must wear your (The Flames) tag as often as possible.

– You must, at a certain extent, be proud to be in the guild.  In other words, if you don’t use your (The Flames) tag in certain areas where our guild is not appreciated, you are not considered a loyal Flame, but a wimp.

– You must not be a spy.  If you are one, you are losing your time, believe me.

– Members who are also in another guild are considered to be less loyal.  Therefore, they will never be able to have any job that requires members to be totally faithful to The Flames guild, such as recruiting.  This said, recruiters who are found to be in another guild will lose their recruiting job.

– Server staff positions such as (Admin), (LAT), etc., are not considered as being guilds.  Most members prefer to use their server tag when they are on duty, and that is fine with me.  However, if you can keep your (The Flames) tag when working on a server, it will be much appreciated.  It will be possible for you to add your server position to your (The Flames) nickname.

Regarding abuse

– The Flames’ guildhouse has  many services available to those who are wearing a (The Flames) guildtag.  If you are suspected to always only use your (The Flames) tag when you require these services (guildhouse’s roof, meetings room, The Flames related NPCs, etc.) , you will be considered as abusing these member privileges.

Regarding respect

– Do not act as if you dominate any of the other members.  Always keep in mind we are equals.

– If you have a problem with another member, please deal with him/her in a private message, and not by shouting into the “toguild:” system.  If the conflict with the other member can not be solved, contact me and I will see what I can do.

– Do not sexually harass members and/or non-members.  Of course, you can kid around.  Usually, I can easily know if it is a joke or if it is harassment.

Regarding PlayerKilling (PKing)

– This is not a PK guild, nor is it a no-PK guild.  This is a free guild, which means you can PK, or you can decide to keep it smooth and become a saint or something.  It is up to you: your AP (Alignment Points) can be of 0-evil as well as 100-saint.

– You may not PK guild members.  There are obvious times when we decide to play around and kill each other for fun or to train our fighting skills; in these cases, PKing other guild members is fine.  As soon as these “playful” times are over, or if your oponent tells you to stop, please do stop.

– You may not PK allied guilds ‘ members, unless when defending yourself.  You may find a list of these guilds in the Diplomacy section,  If a member of an allied guild PKs you, please contact Consolamentum!

– You may not PK future members of The Flames guild.

– Please make some sense when you PK.  For example, if another guild member is having a peaceful chat with a non-member, don’t PK that non-member.

Regarding the Guild control panel

– You are allowed to have any nickname you want in this guild, unless it is really offending.

– You may not set yourself a {Rank} in the guild roster.  You may however set yourself a title (i.e. Crazy Clown, Blue Monkey, Lady Angel, etc., your imagination is the limit.)  If you want a job, please contact the leader.  Recruiting is considered to be a job, not a rank.

– Last updated : January 5 –

Submitted Player Profiles of The Flames Members

FireShot Capture 5 - Here will be a display of the profiles_ - https___web.archive.org_web_2001121.png

Guilds Allies / Enemies

FireShot Capture 7 - ALLIES_ - https___web.archive.org_web_2001040.png

Guild Roster (March 2001)

Consolamentum {Leader}
NeFeRTiaBeT ¤French¤
spyder bite
Dark Blaze {Founder}
Spyder [KWOD]
Eternity Starlight
Vincent Valentine
Mr. Blue {The Blue Flame}
Dire {Fighter of God}
Shab [Oldbie]
Masterfuji {The sexy Flame}
¤Nova¤ {Psycho Recruiter}
Þrìñç駧 K꣣ÿ Soulblazer {Wife to SweetGuy}
Prince Heero
~Greid of the Zoras~ {The Wet Flame}
Nali {Empress Lexie\’s Maid}
Shaggy {Krazy Bag}
Japton -=[LAT]=-
Wizardgodz {Elemental Flame}
Dark Jai
John -=Recruiter=-
Ðarkened §trider ¤ßeyond Ðarkened¤
Atrius-Da Hangout Bartender-
Cyrus {Diplomat}
Sakol -=The Flaming Priest=-
¤Ëví£ ¶håñ|õm¤ {LAT}
Mattev {True Warrior}
Tortoise the Tyrtalian ArchAngel {Fei and Emily’s Guardian} *The Evil Flame*
Gerudo ‡†‡Vampire of Shadows‡†‡
Dark Knight
Squall {Thief}
Gogeta SSJx5
Tiffiny {Akujin`s Girlfriend}
Solin {Priest}
Lord Folgrim
Merl the White Dragon
Chronos {Recruiter} {Holy Knight}
Blade Knight Izlude
evill cain
Link [Krystal\’s B/F]
jack {recruiter}
Mr. Mansion
SweetGuy {Princess Kellys Husband}}
Ghost Pirate {Spooky Recruiter}
ZîÐãÑë ±®íߤL
Vincent Valentine {Vampire}
Holy Dude
Merge Gothic Punk [The Dark Bibles]
Silven -=Bartender=-
Crackbard{Crack Guitarist}
Will Icuris
Toimi the Blue Dragon
Hot Rod {Inferno}
Ryan W
Ryan W
Midreian Wolf 

Guild Roster (August 2002)

Aerogard LM
Loki, recruiter for
Spawn {Lord of Darkness}
Mystic Blade -Priest-
†þ®îñç駧 Çã®ó£íñê†
¤Ëví£ ¶håñ|õm¤
!¤£ord †enchi /\/\asaki¤! -FAQ Captain-
Darth Maul
Mecha Knuckles
Drunk Monkey {The Golden Ape}
EmperorJeramyu -=Weirdo Warlord=-
Falcon X
ZeKe *Da Pimp*
Dark Blaze {Founder}
Mandy -=The flaming Flame of
Hiker Trails ~Divine Thief~
Cyrus {Diplomat}
Mr. Blue [The Blue Flame]
Private-Lord Of Death
Midreian -Recruiter-
Cool Guy °Not Recruiting°
Gogeta SSJx5
Father Mark -=Priest of GOON=-
Dark Sephiroth
El Ganberro
MewEleven -Recruiter-
Crappy Bunny
Feather Light -kekuzo!-
†Saint RiViR DarkStar† -=Lone Flame=-
Sakol -=The Evil Flaming Priest=-
Sakol -Silent Warrior-
DaRk WaRlOcK *Black Magic*
S p a r K-=The Bodyguard=-
Spyder [KWOD]
†§aint §cott†
Wizardgodz {Elemental Flame}
Wynde Da Psycho Chick
Ðarkened §trider ¤ßeyond Ðarkened¤
Hentai Boat
Å®ågø®n Åzù®ån
Spirit Phobia
Aragorn {Recruiter}
Dark Knight
Midreian Wolf
Warrior Stipo of
Bushie the LAT
Che •recruiter•
Crackbard{Crack Guitarist}
Deathscythe Hell
Majin Razar
Toimi the Blue Dragon
Evil Consolamentum
Ghõ§t Fã¢ë Ki££ã -=Priest=-
jack {recruiter}
Kelly Soulblazer*Daddy’s little Princess*
Masterfuji {The sexy Flame}
¤~Chªö§ £ºrd~¤
†þ®îñç駧 Jöÿçë†
shuriken [Recruiter]
Queen Of Destiny
Shab [Oldbie]
Zell Calibra
¤†ñó\/íꆤ -=þ§Yçhó=-
Pants? *Recruiter*
CountDead Shenlon
Rìçô Vèrínâ†î
Loki Vidalez
Tûçkèr Ç£øûÐ
Sefrence Rune
Hyper Balloon
Pants? -FAQ-
Kitana Destiny

Guild Roster (August 2002)

Account Nick
Law Obsidian {Soldier}
Lang Bing Sir Lang Bing {Ghost Flame}
Tiens Sir Midnight {Soldier}
greeno Stickboy {Soldier}
Holy Warrior Ziggy Holy Warrior Ziggy {Soldier}
Neoknight ¤Chaos¤ {Soldier}
rex17 Rex {Soldier}
tpatt1 Squall {Soldier}
nowon2 Big Man {Soldier}
Ruben Goron {Soldier}
breakbeat Seven Ways {Soldier}
TriggerHappy50 Shadow {Soldier}
Janti Death {Soldier}
Gozita FireScythe {Soldier}
Excel Inferno {Blaze}
weird_2000 Sinister Burn {Soldier}
Jacko Jacko {Soldier}
Krillin Kenshin {Soldier}
Travis Travis {Soldier}
Havoc Jason {Soldier}
The Rabid Chipmunk Justin {Soldier}
MajinBuu Trunks {Soldier}
FormerGlory FormerGlory {Soldier}
FaTaL Fatal {Assassin}
ron FlameGuard {Soldier}
Blood Blood {Soldier}
freaky_circus_monkey Frank {Soldier}
Devon Fire Lord {Jade}{Leader}
beccalynn Becca {Princess}
Stinkythe1 Stinky {Soldier}
Dias935 Dias {Jade}{Soldier}
Flip1015 Flip {Jade}{Soldier}
Hibbel Tronzie {Jade}{Soldier}
Bullgod531 Hell Fire {Indigo}{Leader}
Blastochu Burnout {Soldier}
Evil Cherios Bob {Jade}{General}
SilvurKnight SilvurKnight {Jade}{Soldier}
Squall_Hi_ Kewl Kid {Soldier}
raptor1616 Raptor {Jade}{Corporal}
cheeselog Max Power {Jade}{Soldier}
Enji Link {Soldier}
Locke_Cole Locke {Soldier}
christophis2k Christophis {Assassin}
Bunrout Burnout {Soldier}
JP3230 JP23 {Soldie}
Noel12 Noel {Soldier}
Blizzard Venom X {Soldier}
Neo_Gold Neo Gold {Blue}{Leader}
Zhaneel Lyosha {Beauty}
Vickylange Vicky {Enchantress}
lolita Lolita {Jade}{Princess}
Novice00 RJ {Blue}{Flame Hand}
sportymunky88 sparklefairy Lightwind/Nova’s g/f {Blue}{Fairy Princess}
Taku Hayate {Soldier}
TheRap182 Trowa {Flame Hand}
expockdr Tasslehoff {Ghost Flame}
Cold_Flame White Dragon {White}{Leader}
johnathon iroc {White}{Soldier}
bobjoe Bobjoe {Black}{Soldier}
Dalmo DragoonMight {Black}{Ghost Flame}
PooPscooP Evil Guy {Black}{Soldier}
gsm Killer_{Assassin}_
b_maljai Striker {Phantom}
shearerkidd ¡»®AgE»¡ {Goliath}
parastock Lina {Enchantress}
Dauber Duaber {Goliath}
Atarumoroboshi Aron Saddler {Soldier}
Nelm Nelm {Soldier}
masterfuji Masterfuji {Flame Hand}
n2k50 @kkuma {Fire DeMoN}
Bane Serge {Assassin}
simonm2000 SaTaN666 {White}{God}
nalonge Collective Soul {Soldier}
Sephiroth666 Sephiroth {Soldier}
S.S. Trunks Reno {Assassin}
KING Yakumo {Goliath}
PsychoCheese Beavis {Soldier}
lily_chick Melissa Blaze {Dark’s Wife}
Elixus Elixus {Cutie Pie}
goblin zombie master {White}{God}
sexyjen Angel Dragon {White’s Wife}
quake2 Jin {Soldier}
g3a3 YanGat {White}{God}
G Funk $420$
Shab Shab {Flame Hand}
Bayan Ice Knight {Soldier}
James Logan Black Blaze {Soldier}
Boy-Of-Evil Boy-Of-Evil {Lil Warrior}
poptartsunlimited Tåñg¥ þøþtärt {Shinra}{Leader}
Grey Flame Dark Blaze {Leader}
KaspeR_ThE_MasteR KaspeR {Soldier}
Flameing_Knight Liquid_Metal {White’s Sister}
Grey Flame †Priest Blaze† {Priest}
SSJVegito DeathScythe {Soldier}
ragnarok_666 Maximus {Black}
Punkcraft Quake {Black}
dart Little Dragon {Black}
Skceithie Deadragoon {Black}
Ben_Olive Invictus {Black}
FireyDragoonBreath §ÿ§†êm ÎÐ {Black}
Abyss-DL Abyss {Black}
MegaBlaze Mega Blaze {Soldier}
Ianana Ianana {Black}
MTS Aryanna {Flame Sorceress}
gsm Ufo {Black}
romulo15 Unabomber|Brazil| {Dark}{Goliath}
Trunks7 Crazy Poptart {Black}
romulo15 Unabomber {Brazil}{Goliath}
Aeka Princess Aeka {Black}
pinoypyro69 jeff {Black}
wilson_to Wilson {Soldier}
The_Great_Khan Demon_Of_Death {White}{Soldier}
Rune87 BloodKane {Soldier}
Vander9 Drake {White}{Soldier}
BlindWatchman BlindWatchman {Soldier}
SSJZeRo SSJZeRo {White}{Soldier}
DarkMyst Chewy {White}{Soldier}
Marari Marari {Assassin}
flaming-spit FLAMING-SPIT {Jade}{Assassin}
Ianrebuck Hot Rod {White}{God}
Kjeldoran Notious {Diplomat}
The_Lone_Traveler Capric {Soldier}
gangsta123 The Dark One {Goliath}
Valice Valice {Leader}{Horsemen}
mricp Darth Juggalo {Soldier}
Eric_li Darkman {Soldier}
da_SAKrifica GREAT_sacrificer {Sacrificer}
PatK2000 Pat {Blue}{Destroyer}
Juno Seth Starbreeze{Blue}{Destroyer}
Chocho_Gz ¥†*someone*†¥ {Soldier}
Saji Saji {crimSON}
Riki Riki {Soldier}
Giro Warrior of Light {Dark Knight’s Wife}
SpitfireXG Falcon X {Soldier}
SilentStrike Enigma {Soldier}
DaRk_KniGhT Dark Knight {Messiah}
Rnufan †§iLvEr §uRfEr† {Soldier}
dirtyhamper ®€Ð‡®†hgîñ {Goliath}
Wanna ®€Ð‡®†hgîñ {Phantom}
Mysterious_Ninja Mysterious Ninja{Blue}{Ninja}
Bratack Consolamentum {Co-Leader}
TommyGyrl811 Angel
Calabak §layer {Dark Wizard}
Eternal Knightz Killaz {Assassin}
spamman233 ߥ®ÐË {Soldier}
Sir_Elios Red Death {Mercenary}
arcanine Drako -Archer-
TremereZero Tremere [NF Reporter]
Tremere Tremere [NF Reporter]
TremereStrikesBack Tremere [NF Reporter]
TremereForever Tremere [NF Reporter]
Chotic_Reign ¤Ëví£ ¶håñ|õm¤ {Death}
JPZ Joker {WarthChild}
Jokers Joker {WarthChild}
KuNu KuNu
LightWing AirWing-off duty
LeilaKurasaka Eternity {Psycho B}
Feb LiL AnGeL BoY {White Flame}
Dark Blaze Niza Azin {Android 99}
Feb Iorek Bear {Pyro Cub}
Cader_Omega Delita {Flame Knight}
Iron_Raptor Squall {Wizard}
kisha Princess Kelly {Silent’s Wife}
RyenWang Ryen {Fighter}
simcop2388 Sim Cop
ChantalValkyrie Chantal {Diplomat}
kevin59943 Sparton {God Of War}
rgckippah Explosion
Matman58 Vincent Valentine {Warrior}
Gengar Yusei {Knight}
iitzmheck Mr. Bear
Tryp81 Tryp
DrunkDonkey DrunkMonkey
WickedJuggalo Kelly
SSJ_Mike Axel {WiCkEd Flame}
Falcor Falados Krayaith
MEGAX_Factor King Colin of the ELVENS
lilguy_31pk lilguy_31
Immitat0r *Immitat0r
AlexisAngel Wizard*Lexi*
Consolamentum Consolamentum {Co-Leader}
jellybean ¤Lord Fire Spawn¤
Gizi_2000 ¤Lord Fire Spawn¤
traviswh twh
cloud88 X-DEATH
Japton Japton
GokuBowler GokuBowl
c_eatough Silent Death {Silent Assassin}{Kelly`s Husband}
homelock Mr. P§ycho {+wí§+éÐ Kñø+’s bro}[Psycho Flame]
Honkey Ê©TãÇÿ
MrBubz MrBubz
Consolamentum Ugly-Butt Naked-StoneMan
Funky the beast Rabban
LeonKincaid LeonKincaid
Buffalo_Saber PrinceSean
coasta Night Wing {Helper}
Spyder13 Spyder {Royal Guard}{Lexie’s Husband}
cool98 Golbez
CocaCola Sephiroth
DaRk_KniGhT Dark Knight {Recruting}
Gizi_2000 Kitty
Guardior †Guardior†
MindBreaker_lostworld |\/iE {Married to Lionheart}{Leader of Elfs}
Kylebam00 Zerus
Jack Esper
beepbeep ~*Dark_Flame*~
iamcool123 Vincent
BrianDAPenguin Brian
Draco Draco
Icepick Ice Pick
glover Dark Dragon [NF Reporter]
Buffalo_Saber Mandy
Mad140 Mad140
Geo_Maximus Geo Maximus
ska8 brder Black Blade
Soul_Reaver112 Soul_Reaver112
snurkalflazzum Dalmar of Wisdom
Consolamentum Consolamentum {Butt Ugly}
da quiz ¤Nova¤ {Butt Ugly}
EricKraft1 Eric
SnowMan02 Poison Flame {Guardian}
KillingSnake ColdDragon
da quiz ¤Nova¤ {Corporal}
Influenza Se7eN [Mr. Bear’s Lover]
MandieGurl Queen, Azuretta William Myuo
kisha ToY* {Kelly’s Sis}
brandon200014 Tweaker-off duty
ChantalValkyrie Jonathan{Bravo25}-Chimp-
HeeroYuy2000 SS_Goku
Mystic Mage Mystic Mage {Wizard of Helpful Flames}
RobinX JoKeR
KClown Killer Clown {Satan’s Flame}
Tanathos =-Striker-= {Training}

Guild Roster from Enigma FTP Server

The Flames Guild Last News Posted


salamandogauche.gif New message board and chat systems

Posted by on Monday, September 24, 2001

Both the board and chat were upgraded. They are much better now.

salamandogauche.gif America Under Attack

Posted by on Wednesday, September 12, 2001

I don’t think I have to explain what happened yesturday, Tuesday, September 11th. Our sympathies go out to the families, and friends of those who so senslessly lost their lives yesturday. There’s not much more that I would like to say about this. For further information please see CNN News

salamandogauche.gif No more recruiting on Enigma

Posted by on Friday, September 7, 2001

Guild members have decided that it would be best to cease hiring new members on Enigma Graal. So be it! I don’t know when we will be recruiting again.

salamandogauche.gif Guildhouse graphics

Posted by on Friday, September 7, 2001

I have added the Warp Ring and Dancing Boots graphics in the Downloads section of this website. Soon I will upload the whole guildhouse graphics pack, but these two are usually the most needed images.

salamandogauche.gif Message Board

Posted by on Tuesday, September 4, 2001

This site seems to be working:
The Flames Forums

This can be used until the message board is working automatically.

salamandogauche.gif Message Board status

Posted by on Tuesday, September 4, 2001

The CGI on the server seems to be down, so the message board is as well. If it is not fixed tomorrow, I will contact the network administrator.



Posted by on Thursday, August 2, 2001

I know it sucks, but we’re still incapable of hiring new guild members, for reasons that are beyond our grasp. The whole guild system has been hazardous since months, and unixmad (obviously, the one responsible for this) remains silent. I will not say much more because I want this frontpage to remain “politically correct”.

Nevertheless, I cannot manage the guild and this whole business is becoming extremely pathetic.

salamandogauche.gif Level submissions for the guildhouse.

Posted by on Friday, July 20, 2001

Hello people, I’m just posting some news about the current state of the guildhouse.

Currently its “official” location is the playerworld X. It would be on Enigma also, but all the inside levels are gone for some reason. Some hacker or person with FTP dislikes us. It will be back soon.

Guildhouse location on:
Enigma- From the unstick me place, just travel northeast until you reach Port Town, then go a couple of screens right.
X- After doing a few simple quests(in the start zone caves), go to the airship(south) and fly to Carlotta city. From there, go east, it shouldn’t be hard to find the house. Watch out, the last boss in the caves might get buggy.


Regarding the level submissions, I’m taking player rooms now(along with Consolamentum). You can send your rooms and any info about them to my e-mail. You don’t need to zip your room if it is composed of only one level. To e-mail me, just click on my name atop this post.
All the level names should have the following format:
For example, theflames-tremere-underbridge.graal .
If you can’t think of a better name than extremely overused things like “Link”, “Gohan”, “Death”, please name your rooms like theflames-membernamejoindate-roomname.graal .
For example, theflames-goku072101-mainroom .
I also ask you to tell me/Consolamentum the number of the head you use in your e-mail.
All the gifs in your room should be included in the submission, preferably with names like theflames-tremere-bluecouch.gif(it’s ok to use existing gifs, just try to rename them).
Head and body images that are on the main GraalOnline database don’t need to be included. Midis do.
If you follow all those rules, it’s almost certain that your room will be accepted(just don’t make it too ugly, and don’t add any illegal NPCs!-Illegal NPCs are stated in local playerworld rules-).

-You know who I am.

salamandogauche.gif Guildtag works on Enigma again, but…

Posted by on Saturday, July 14, 2001

But only old tags do. Same thing for all playerworlds. It seems like the GuildCP has yet again stopped saving new guild tags. That means recruiting is impossible. Sorry folks, there is nothing I can do. The whole Graal seems to be crossing the pathway to Hell.


salamandogauche.gif boots…boots….boots…

Posted by on Saturday, December 30, 2000

Huh… short news post, go to celestia, in the meetings, read our hump boots sign, try to use em…
so if what you want are the boots better go to CDA. if you want all the other stuff… any is fine 😉
booots…i want the boots back…boooooootsssss……..

salamandogauche.gif about me… and me… and myself

Posted by on Friday, December 29, 2000

oki all as most of you must already know i have been fired from celestia along with all the other lats…. that includes con, he was going to be one… hmmm thats all sad
yep, the guildhouse is still up there, and it will stay there, for celestia is our sponsor, its cool and all. the deletation happened becausethey wanted to protect their stuff… someone apparently unknown got ftp and was doing so i had pay along with the other lats for some person…. blah
i want to apologize if i havent been active, but i have been busy… when i get here, im making levels and stuff so i hardly log on(if i do its on damasca, main server or celestia)
let me see… today ill be making my room to the flames, talking with con about domain redirect(, etc etc. i guess ill still try to be an active member even if im working on levels and stuff… well thats it, cyas in celestia and stuff…
added-> whoops guess i messed up. i have been active, always with my tag and all, i just dont log on ON GRAAL as much as i used to… when im on, im making levels with my icq and msn online ( 75978763 –

salamandogauche.gif The Server Celestia is the new Guild Sponsor!!!!!

Posted by on Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Hello I am Vincent Valentine. I am a Admin on Celestia and Flames member. Celestia has become the full sponsor of The Flames guild now.The Guild House can be found on the server because I added it last night.Thank You

salamandogauche.gif Member services and guildhouse

Posted by on Tuesday, December 19, 2000

Here are some of the services I can offer to Flames members:

-> an email , which automatically redirects all email sent to it to your real address.
-> a website , which automatically redirects to your real website.
-> News access on this page. But you must have a graphical signature (if you don’t, I can make you one), and it can’t be bigger than 158 x 17 pixels. Note to those who would like news access: news access is a responsability, not a toy. you must not post useless and irrevelant news, but you must post something useful once in a while 😉

I can’t guarantee that the email and website masks will always function…

About the guildhouse:

The guildhouse is currently on Coasta de Agua and Celestia. I don’t know if it’s considered okay to have it on both playerworlds at once. I hope so, because they are my favorite ports, and I know lots of members like them too. If not, we’ll see what to do…

Congratulations to Tremere, who was made Head LAT on Celestia. 🙂

salamandogauche.gif The Flames Flash Intro

Posted by on Thursday, February 1, 2001

Just thought everyone would like to know that Cons is working on a flash intro (for those of you who didn’t know) for the page. I’m going to start helping him just as soon as I get some time. (Probably this weekend). If you don’t know what flash is visit Macromedia’s Websiteto find out.


The Flames Guild Thanks the following


Graal Online team, for the game itself !
Dark Blaze, White Dragon and all the members of THE FLAMES. Without you people this guild would not exist!

* 100megsfree and 100megswebhosting, the best webhosting services out there.

*The staffers who helped us with the guildhouse on the many servers we visited: Eric, Mr Bear, iSplash, *Falados (LostWorld); Vincent Valentine, Mr Worry (Celestia); Cyanide, Warcaptain, Mean Munkey, WildDude, Nato (Enigma); Alzabo, Chacha (Dino Valley.)

*The many recruiters we had, who helped a lot in making the guild grow.  In no particular order (I may have forgotten some names): Tremere, Nova, Jack, Rune, Chronos, Ghost Pirate, Penguin, Mad, Dunadan, Midreian, WoRlaNN, RiViR, Mandy, Rhinnon, Shin Zagato, MegaMan, CoolGuy, Che.


 The Flames Guild Chat room –
Msg Board –

Warp Ring graphic : Save the image to C:\(Your Graal folder)\levels\webgifs.  The Warp Ring is in Consolamentum’s sparring arena.

Dancing Boots graphic : Save the image to C:\(Your Graal folder)\levels\webgifs.  The Dancing Boots are in the meetings room.

MetaPad : Forget about Windows Notepad ! MetaPad is THE BEST text editor for Windows.  And it’s lightning-fast to open ! I just love useful apps like this one.  I strongly suggest setting it to Word Wrap (just press on the ‘W’ on the toolbar)

Install MetaPad as your default text editor! : Just save this in the same folder MetaPad is in, then run it (install.bat).  It will install MetaPad as your default text editor.

BioNES : Forget about the other NES emulators that are full of graphical bugs and sprite problems.  This one has awesome compatibility and runs most games very smoothly.  By far the best Nintendo emulator.

Zsnes : The best Super Nitendo emulator.

Gens : Forget about Genecyst and KGen ! Gens is BY FAR the BEST Sega Genesis emulator ! Not only its compatibility is impressive, but it is quite easy to configure the controls (all joysticks supported), the sound is great, and the graphics are awesome: it is the only Genesis emulator that supports Kreed’s 2xsai engine (even the old and ugly games should look sweet with that).

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