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The History of Zormite – Zorbis of Graal Kingdom’s

An exotic kingdom inhabited by many different creatures,
including fish-folk known as Zorbi. zorbi_1
Zormite was once under attack by an invading kingdom known as Bel’la Olplyn, but managed to destroy it.

zorbi_2Joining Requirements

Recruitment Guidelines, The Zormite Republic:

For the recruiter:

Who you recruit, you are responsible for. It is up to you to oversee that person’s training and orientation into Zormite society.
When our Immigration dept is more developed perhaps a training period can be provided by Noblemen and Noblewomen.
For now, the rules for recruiters shall be as follows:


1. There should be no more than 10 immigrants listed on the member roster at any given time. If we have 10, we’re full.
2. Always check the blacklist before recruiting any new member. Is your blacklist up to date? Be sure to ask!
3. Do not add players to Zormite just to get into BMode, or for short periods of time for any reason.
zorbi_2ROLEPLAY REQUIREMENTS bomyisland_icon_morphpotion-zormiteteal

4. Potential immigrants must RP their request for entry into Zormite. You must be on tag and give them an on screen RP test.
Feel free to involve other Zormites in this process. It could take as long or as little time as you need.

The potential member must have a proper RP name when making his request.
Once the RP test is complete, you should be satisfied that this person has a good basic
knowledge of RPing in a kingdom or explain that he is not yet ready to proceed and tell him why.


5. Before you apply an immigrant tag, your recruit must RP pledge allegiance to both the Zormite Replubic and her Dictatress.
He/she must also know that cussing, scamming, kill or kill drop stealing and map jumping are intolerable actions and will result in a member’s removal from Zormite.

Your recruit should also have a basic understanding of the RP of Zormite.
That it is a peaceful kingdom steeped in watery history and traditions. That our people are not war-like.
That we are allied with Dustari and friends to the people of Kurenai Joukai.
We are respecters of all kingdoms and a Zormitian never aggressors first. Yet we defend honor and justice and will fight when necessary.


6. PKing is a part of Kingdoms. It is acceptable for OOC Zormites to PK other OOC players – off tag, toward off tag players.
If a player leaves kingdom to PK players FOR ANY REASON, he will not be re-added.
During RP it is only acceptable to PK (or fight) other players during war or in duel arenas.
If you are attacked while on tag, you have kingdom permission to defend yourself unto the death of your opponent or until you reach safety.
Do not prolong these on tag situations. Go off tag for PKing.


7. Do not add players who are high level newbs unless you know who they are. (example: level 20 with 4 hours)
These players are sometimes considered an RP threat.
8. At this time, there is no need to mass announce that Zormite is recruiting.
All requests should come from the potential new member, or, you can attempt to recruit someone you feel would be an asset to the Republic.

zorbi_2For the Recruit: 100px-Zorbi_queen

1. You must have 60 hours and be level 6 before submitting an RP request for entry into Zormite.
2. Only ‘In Character’ requests will be recognized and replied to.
3. It is suggested you read the Zormite forum regularly and have read the stickied threads.
4. Once you are a citizen of Zormite the following actions are illegal according to Zormite law:

Saying /leave kingdom
stealing kills
stealing kill drops
jumping maps uninvited
scamming or assisting in scamming
cursing/obscene language
aggressive or war-like actions or language

If you encounter problems on the game, you should contact a kingdom leader or Graal Kingdoms Staff.

5. At this time it is prohibited to join Zormite while belonging to any global guilds which threaten kingdoms.
6. You will remain on immigrant status for a minimum of 12 hours online playing time.
After this period, it will be considered that you first become a Civilian, then ultimately, a Citizen of Zormite.
Upon further promotion, citizens may be invited to join a ministry for more in-depth role-playing opportunities.



Zerako Labs


Sunken Palace
Poisoned Reservoir
Zormite Dungeon




30px-Zoraas Zorbi is an aquatic, fishlike species that is been a staple of Graal for years. Originally a classic race noted for their matriarchy, underwater dominion, and usage of heads like head10 and head35 – it’s been long since bastardized into an excuse to wear a blue head and idle in the water to avoid pk. While the name ‘zorbi’ applies to the race as a whole, it can also specifically refer to the female. Male zorbi are called ‘zorba’. All zorba are zorbi, but not all zorbi are zorba.

Zorbi eventually evolved into what is the c̶u̶r̶r̶e̶n̶t̶ ̶i̶n̶c̶a̶r̶n̶a̶t̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ Zormite Republic on Graal Kingdoms, until it fell off the radar and became lost in the annals of history, recalled only by the few who still remained interested it, and the even fewer who opted to represent it.

zorbi_2Zormite Kingdom First Weapon

Image Item Name Original stats Weapon Story
30px-Mud_zblade zormite blade (Dam+9) 20.5 kg
This weapon is made with a special metal only found in the Zormite Kingdom.
Its people have kept the origins of this metal secret for many centuries because it seems to be imbued by the presence of an ancient Zormite prince.
This prince was destroyed during a battle to defend his homeland against the evil hordes of a nameless god who has been forgotten to time.
The princes spirit incarnates this sacred metal forever, seeking vengeance on this evil god which it will never again meet.


zorbi_2Most known Zorbi/Zormite Player

kia345 (Pojo)   –
Discord ID – @<fish emoji>#3976
Graal Forums Profile – https://forums.graalonline.com/forums/member.php?u=5330

Zorbi Banner

zorbi_2Past Leadership

Years Active Emperor Empress
unknown Aki None
2002 Wren None
2003 AlaricoMontario None
2003 None Calani
2003-2004 None Wren Sagesun Archigos (darkemporor)
2004 -2005 Wren Akira Sagesun Archigos
2005 cwc money None
2005 FBI None
2006 None Karri (Achtung)
2008 Fenix Valthonis None
2013 Zoe None
2013 Sky None
2010 BigBear None
2014 DripZ None
2014 Scriptless None
2014 – 2015 Mirar None
2015 – 2017 Zulway None

zorbi_2Zormite WebsitesNoobsig_28

Mirar Website – http://zormite.nine-birds.com/
Zormite Religion – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zoramites
Zorbi Guild – http://www.graalonline.com/playerworlds/guilds/viewguild?full=1&gid=9742
Zormite Leaders – http://wiki.graal.net/index.php/Worlds/Graal_Kingdoms/Zormite
Zormite old history – http://wiki.graal.net/index.php/Worlds/Graal_Kingdoms/Zormite/Old
Googi – Zormite Republican Bank of Awesome – http://zrba.awardspace.com/



Most of the Zormite images you see where made by Pojo