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Graal Kingdom’s Farming

Graal Kingdom’s Farming

Digging Holes

To farm something, you dig a hole and then take one of the items
you want to grow and trade it to the hole. For example, you trade a single carrot to the hole to grow more carrots.

Watering Plants

Once planted, a plant will occasionally become thirsty and need to be watered.
If you craft a Water Can, you can gather water by grabbing a well, a barrel, or a body of water and pressing
the attack button. (Default: S)

Press the attack button again while next to a plant in order to keep it watered.
A plant can die if it gets dehydrated for too long, so be sure to keep a watch over your plants while gardening!

Harvesting Plants

Once a plant has grown to full size, you will need to use a Shovel or Scythe to dig up the plant.
Different plants require different tools to harvest them, so if a Shovel does not work, try a Scythe.

If you do not harvest a plant soon after it grows to full size,
the plant will continue to age and eventually die. So be sure to always keep an eye on them.

Speeding Up Growth

To make your crops grow faster, you can play the Crop Song on a Flute.
To check the list of Flute Songs, press and hold the Attack and Grab Buttons
(Default: S + A) at the same time with a Flute equipped.

  Flute Crop Song: (^)(<)(>)(v)(<)(v)(<)(^)  : () = S+D

Rainy Weather

Mud tear.png
Plants automatically get watered when it starts raining on a kingdom island!
However, when it stops raining, your plants may become thirsty again.

Soil Potency

Mud treeseed.png
When a kingdom has enabled the Soil Potency perk,
you will be able to grow plants faster on that kingdom island.

Increasing Production

As you gain Physical levels, you will be able to harvest more
of any given crop when you use a Shovel or Scythe. At Level 107 Physical,
you will be able to harvest food in much larger amounts.


Buy seed bags at the Florist. After that you dig a hole trade the seed bag to the hole.
After you have planted your seed you water the plant or plot with a watering can.

Right clicking on the plant will tell you what the health percentage is.
Keep watering until it’s 99 or 100%. Whenever the health¬†% drops lower than 99%, water it again.

When the plant is fully grown, pick them up using the A button.