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Fishing on Graal Kingdom’s

Fishing on Graal Kingdoms

Making a Fishing Rod

To catch fish you need to make a fishing reel and rod,
which you can do at Zehn Village in the north of Main island.
Items Required to make a Fishing Rod

Image Name of Item Required Materials
Mud fishingrod.png Fishing Pole 7x
Fishing Line
Fishing Hook
Fishing Reel 2x
Fishing Net 4x
Fishing Hat 5x10x


Catching Fish

Once you have your fishing pole, stand on the bank of some water where you see fish swimming,
wield the pole and press S for a target ring and S again to cast at the fish. When you see a fish get on the line, press S to reel it in.

After you get the fish in, you may have to whack it on the head with a club or sword until it’s dead and ready to eat.

Finding Fish

Many fish live only in certain areas around the Kingdoms Archipelago,
and do not migrate for fear of losing their habitats. You may be able to
find each of them in the following areas:
Samurai Island
Hotaru Island
Dustari Island
Pirate Island
Forest Island
Main Island River
Zormite Island
Main Island Coast
Primal Coast
Grigori Island
Samurai Lake

Locations to make Fishing Rod

Fishing Rod Crating Locations
West Bomboria – Main Island
Zehn Village – Main Island
Westford – Pirate Island

How to bait a Hook

Say /bait <itemname> to add bait to
your hook, or cast without.
Say /unbait to remove the bait.
Light, expensive food is the best
bait, but most fish are

frightened by too much food at once.
a mushroom is better bait thana T-Rex leg