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Graal Kingdom’s Alchemy GuideĀ 

Alchemy Guide
There are several items on Graal Kingdoms that can be created by using alchemy. To be able to do alchemy, you need the following things:

1. You will first need a Scroll of Literacy (double click it to learn it)
2. A cauldron (you can purchase these in Hirathia)

3. The ability to cast the alchemy spell (either directly or by using a scroll of alchemy spell scroll)
List of Recipes Click Here

4. Knowledge of the recipe you want to make.

It’s essential that you’ve actually learned the recipe by reading a scroll/book that teaches that recipe.
If you haven’t, you’ll be unable to make the item you want to make even if you use the right ingredients.

Recipes can be learnt from books and scrolls that are sold in most shops on main island.
For more on how to learn recipes and other things, see the Learning Guide.
To see a list of the recipes you know, say “/recipes” and a list of recipes you know will appear in the F2 window.
Saying “/recipe item name” (for example, “/recipe dust of visibility”) will cause a list of the ingredients needed to make that item.

To actually make the item, you have to put your cauldron on the ground (so you should do this in an area far away from any other people) and double click it to open it.
You can then use your menu to place items into it. Then double click it again to close it and cast the alchemy spell on it.
After that, double click it to open it again and open your menu to see what’s inside it. If you failed (there’s a chance of failing even if you get the ingredients right.
To reduce your chance of failing, increase your intelligence, luck, or mental level.) the cauldron will either be empty or have “slag” in it.
If you succeeded, the item you were trying to make will be inside, but it will be unidentified.
Meaning that if you made something like Helmet of Aengus, its name will simply be “Helmet”.
To identify it so that it displays the proper name, you have to use a skill that can identify the item (the alchemy skill, if you have it, can identify any item made using alchemy) or cast the identify spell/use an identify spell scroll.

Special Cauldrons

Aside from normal cauldrons, there are also three special cauldrons called Cauldron +1, Cauldron +2 and Cauldron +3.
These cauldrons are lighter, you have a lower chance of failing when using them, and you get more mental exp when using them.
The higher the + value of a cauldron, the better it is in all three of those respects.
The special cauldrons can, like normal cauldrons, be bought in Hirathia, but they only appear in the shop very rarely and cost far more than normal cauldrons.

Dust of Visibility/Piercing Vision

There are two alchemy recipes that are extremely important.
The first is Dust of Visibility (which requires 1 Water of Ruby, 1 Torch and 1 Pile of Sulphur.) Producing Dust of Visibility gives you several thousand mental experience points each time you produce it.
It’s by producing Dust of Visibility (usually with a special cauldron) that people are able to reach level 107 in mental and level 110 in total level.

Dust of Piercing Vision (which requires 1 Water of Sapphire and 7 Carrots,) once identified, can be sold to shopkeepers for substantial sums of plat.
It’s because of Dust of Piercing Vision that experienced players always seem to have a virtually limitless supply of platinum coins
(it’s also a big reason why diamonds rather than platinum coins are the currency used for trade between players.)