Graal Admin Commands

Graal Admin Commands




Game Admin Commands

Press “e” and left click to kill npc

/setrace <account name> <race>
/msgban <acct or comm name> 

restorehouse <housenumber>

warpto <x,y> <level name>

-Chat Commands
Staff Chat = /ssay Example: /ssay Hi World
Global Chat = /global Example: /global Hi everyone

EM – say :kick and then left click {“housereport”, “Creates and prints out a rapport of peoples house statues to RC.”},
{“searchip <ip>”, “Search for online players with the ip you entered.”},
{“lastseen <account>”, “See when the account was last seen online.”},
{“checkvotes”, “Find which votes are in the top (default: 10) (if you want top3, do checkvotes 3).”},
{“findaccvotes <account>”, “Find out how many votes a specific player has.”},
{“find <account, communityname, pcid, ip>”, “Find players using the different ids.”},
{“(Admins Only).”},
{“setnick <account> <newnick>”, “Change nickname of a player.”},
{“setchat <account> <newchat>”, “Change chat of a player.”},
{“me <text>”, “irc-style /me emote”},
{“help”, “Shows this message.”}

Level Commands

Crypt Commands
-reset crypt

Events Staff Commands

Team Control Commands (Old Version)

addteam <teamname>
removeteam <teamid>
add <teamid> <account>
remove <account>
warpteam <teamid>
setwarp player <account>
setwarp <x> <y> <level>

Team Control Commands (New Version GUI)

Just say :tc

Events Commands

Game – Emoticons

  • :fix (Fix the guards)
  • :emote (Starts the random emoticon)
  • :loser (Kicks the loser)
  • :nr (New round)
  • :reset (Reset the game – You need to use it when the game is over)
  • :finish (Kicks everyone)

How to play: Type the letter of the Giant’s emoticon. Last one to do it is out.

Game – Find the Santa

  • :start (Starts the game)
  • :reset (Resets the game)

How to play: When it starts you need to grab the right Santa. If you dont find it when the time is over you are out.
If you touch the green elf you’ll be warped to the middle.

Game – Clock of Madness

  • start (Starts the game)
  • stop (Stops the game)
  • molest [player] (The player you have chosen to “molest” will spin around the clock)
  • speed # (Sets clock hand speed)

Event Admin Commands

  • clear # (Clears the npcs inside of Clock of Madness)
  • lolfun # (Add’s random npcs to Clock of Madness)

Server song set

Game – Even or Odd

  • Levelname: insideevent_cubewars.nw
  • :start (Starts the countdown)
  • :odd (Kicks the odd side)
  • :even (Kicks the even side)
  • :cube change

You must kick what the cube lands on.
Example: If the cube lands on 5 (an odd number) you kick odd.

Evil Chest Event

  • Levelname: Poi.png___Poi.png
  • :room help (Shows the help commands)
  • :enter (Places the EM in to the passage)
  • :exit (Removes the EM from the passage)
  • :open all (Opens all of the gates)
  • :open gate # (Opens the specified gate)
  • :close all (Closes all of the gates)
  • :close gate # (Closes the specified gate)
  • :lock gate # (Locks the gate in it’s current state)
  • :unlock gate # (Unlocks the gate from it’s frozen state)
  • :reset chests (Resets all of the chests)
  • :hide chests (Hides the chest)
  • :show chests (Shows the chests)
  • :check chests (Lists the chest owners in order of chest)

Game – Frogger

  • :start & :stop (Start and stop the event)
  • :block & :unblock (Blocks and unblocks the left side – This is for the players that didn’t complete the event)
  • :open & :close (Open and closes the right side – This is for the players who completed the event)

Game – Kart Race

  • :unblock
  • :block

Drop the prize onto the yellow box. When the NPC says “GO” unblock it.

Game – Labyrinth

  • :open
  • :close
  • :reset

Game – Lucky Altars

  • :givepoints #
  • :start (Starts the countdown. You can also click the NPC for it)

Game – Lucky Doors

  • :start
  • :stop
  • :reset

Game – Lucky Board

  • :start (Choose one player to grab the board)
  • :cl (Clear(Reset))
  • :nr (New Round)
  • :kick (Kicks the player)

Game – Pot Wars

  • :start (Starts the event)
  • :reset (Reset the event)
  • :lockqueue (Lock the PW queue)
  • :unlockqueue (Unlock the PW queue)

PotWars queue

  • :pw help (Show information for PW)
  • :pw queue (Join the PW queue)
  • :pw leave (Leave the PW queue)
  • :pw check (Check the players in PW queue)

Game – Pot Race

  • :track # (Tracks: 1-4)
  • :start
  • :reset
  • :kickall

Game – Raffle Trading Post

setamount – set the price of event coins for players to buy a ticket

greed – allow players to buy only one ticket
everyone dance – makes everyone dance in the Trading Post


  • :shgui

Modes (Nothing atm)
Start (Starts the event)
Reset (Reset the event)
Lock/Unlock Team (Players can’t switch team)
Random (Random add players to blue team or red team)

Game – Trivia

  • :trivia help
  • :trivia list
  • :trivia start [category] [limit]

Use ” * ” as [category] to include all categories in the game.

Trivia categories:

  • animals
    Questions: 33
  • arts
    Questions: 40
  • entertainment
    Questions: 97
  • games
    Questions: 16
  • geography
    Questions: 76
  • gk
    Questions: 92
  • history
    Questions: 114
  • life
    Questions: 75
  • mixed
    Questions: 77
  • movie
    Questions: 86
  • music
    Questions: 46
  • nature
    Questions: 35
  • other
    Questions: 36
  • science
    Questions: 51
  • special
    Questions: 34
  • sports
    Questions: 54

All Spars

  • :block
  • :unblock

Click on gate doors in spar to lock or to unlock

RC Commands

/npc find
/npc setchat
/npc setnick
/npc reconnectall
/npc activeplayers
/npc jail
/npc unjail
/npc housereports
/npc killmonsters

Fun Commands Wnpc


Dungeon Master Commands

add <amount> <archetype> <variable1> <value1>
addexp <skill name> <amount>
addrecipe <archetype> <suffix>
addskill Adds the specified skill
addspell Adds the specified spell
archfind Searches for the specified archetype
boss Old DM support
create <amount> <archetype> <variable1> <value1>